Not sure if I enjoyed it …

Hyundai - York It was that time of year again, when my car needed a service and it's MOT. We have been using the same garage since we bought the cars. Minstergate at York was the dealership that we bought both my car and my sons car. They have treated us well over the years … Continue reading Not sure if I enjoyed it …

Where does the weekend go to ……

   Well I went to the quiz after all and have to say, at times I did feel a little of the ‘spare part syndrome’. One minute they’re talking to me, and the next …… Or maybe it’s just me. Still quite an enjoyable evening. The rest of the working week went quite well. I … Continue reading Where does the weekend go to ……

Another weekend over

   We had a trip to the Designer Outlet at York today. I did not buy much, but have got me Christmas cards sorted. Mrs H got some shoes and a few other things. While we were there, we say Harry Gratian from Look North. He does not look any different from when he is … Continue reading Another weekend over

A good day

   A very enjoyable day in York, today. We had a good look around the shops, then lunch at Pizza Express. No bargains for me, unfortunately, but we got 3 pair of trousers for R***, in last bit of the sale at M&S. Lunch was followed, by a walk around the city walls. It was … Continue reading A good day

Friday part 1

The trip to the doctors went quite well. Unfortunately, the nurse advised us that we need to use olive oil in his ears for 4 days, prior to the syringing. So he needs to go back on Tuesday. Still he was exceptionally well behaved. Then off to York for lunch. We had a walk round … Continue reading Friday part 1

A wet day

It was a bit wet at lunchtime, but still warm. Warm and wet does not bode well for a walk by the sewerage works. So I thought I would walk when I got home again. However, It was looking really unsettled, when I got home, and true to form, it was raining within half an … Continue reading A wet day

….and so to Tuesday

Here we are again. I hope this counts. Well the walk before work did not happen!! I almost got up, but then again psychologically, I knew I would not. So I did a different walk today. About 2 miles or so,  but just around the industrial estate. Still breathing exhaust fumes, but the scenery was … Continue reading ….and so to Tuesday

Will I ever be the same again …..?

Last year, my wife, eldest son and me were in York. He had been walking the walls, like tourists and had just come down into Foss Island Rd, where there is a break in the walls. We were passed by a rather conspicuous Land Rover, that had a large pole, with a globe atop, in … Continue reading Will I ever be the same again …..?