Been a poor blogging week …

Title says it all. It has been a poor week for my blog. As I mentioned last time, I have been on leave this week and other things have kind of taken over. For example, I re-painted the ceiling of our en-suite shower. Don’t ask how that went, suffice to say, it took all day. Then there were other things that made sitting down and typing a few words , a bit of a chore. Although I did have a stab at the Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge. This blog give you 10 random words and you have to make a short story using all the words. As the subject says, it was a bit of a challenge, but as some of the words this time seemed to suggest an Easter theme, I came up with this.


Friday was a hard day. The eldest son and his girlfriend are buying a house, but as with all house buying, there have been a slight delay in getting the key. The place that they have been living for the past two years has been shared with a friend of the owners … it’s complicated, but the short story is that they basically had to move out yesterday. There had been a lot of issues there, and they both thought that the had just got to get out. Problem! With no key to the new house it seemed like an impossible situation. Ta da! Family and friends to the rescue. Me and K***, his university friend R** helped them shift all their worldly goods (and there was a lot of them) to one of his drama group friends garage and spare room. They are also staying at this friends house until they can move into their new one. Now the husband of this drama group friend is local, or maybe I should say national dignitary. I do not agree with the majority of his Governments politics, and I’m not going to embarrass them by stating their names, but have to say, they are genuine, nice people.


As expected, I did check on my work emails during the week. However I did not answer any, and they are all marked as ‘un-read’. Some of them will just go straight in to the trash/deleted folder, but intend to do what everyone else does, and ‘do a catch-up’ and read everyone of them, before starting anything else. Should put an hour or so away.

The space to write #writing 101

What are your writing habits?

I don’t really have any particular habits. Unless I’m taking part in one of the WordPress challenges, I write whenever the fancy takes me. However, I suppose that I usually write, when the rest of the family have gone to bed or on a Sunday

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

For writing to my blog, I usually use the Blog template in Word 2013. I tend to write up and post it as a draft. Than gives me the opportunity to re-read the post and correct any glaring grammar mistakes. It is also useful when formatting the post. I used to use Windows Live Writer, but I now favour Word.

As for any other writing, I simply use Word 2013. I have tried using software such as yWriter, but I found it too distracting to use. I tend not to make notes (although I am in the process of changing that) but if I do I use the Windows ‘Sticky Notes’ for brief ones or a piece of freeware called Notepad++. However, I’m reliably informed that Microsoft OneNote is really good for note taking with its ability to synchronise across multiple devices. I’m tempted.

What do you need and want in a physical space

I have never given this much thought really. I have my desk with my laptop, and that’s about it. It’s in the living room with all its distractions, which is the main reason for the times when I write. I suppose, that ideally it may be better writing in a place that had no distractions, but apart from a soundproofed windowless room away from everyone, there are not many places that offer that ideal. Then again, I think some distractions may actually help the writing process move along.

Just to awkward though, I am typing this up on my computer at work (lunch-break before anyone asks) and I will reformat it and post it later tonight.