Update your readers over a cup of coffee – #writing 101

Hmmm, I thought when I saw this. It’s not something I would normally do. Then I decided to ‘think outside the box’ as the saying goes. So this is my imaginary video conversation with an imaginary friend.

“Well hello there. Finally got this video call thing working. Thanks for the help.”

“No, no I was really struggling. I thought I was going to have to get an Apple. I never thought you would have Skype what with FaceTime and that.”

“So how’s the coffee?”

“You’re having tea? I didn’t think you Americans drank tea!”

“Ah. Of course. I had forgotten you were at Uni here.”

“Me. Yeah coffee is good. I bought a new machine last week. I just need to learn how to make anything but espresso.”

“Noooo. I love espresso, but I can’t drink more than two a day”

”I was just going to ask you that.”

“Well a couple of things since the last time I emailed. I’ve been doing more on my blog.”

“I’ve had it a couple of years now. It’s just starting to take off.”

“It’s a WordPress one.”

“Yeah, I tried Blogger but it was bit of a pain to set up.”

“Err … it’s not really about anything in particular. It’s just what I think at the time.”

“Like I say, it’s just beginning to take off properly now.”

“I’m  following a couple of challenges.”

“Yeah, you get a prompt or something like that and you post something that relates to it.”

“I suppose it does do away with the spontaneity, but it has increased my readership and it does kind of force me to do something.”

“So, how’s the family ………….”

This is the point when I thought I had gone on long enough.

Make a list #writing101

I must firstly say, that I don’t like making lists. My dislike goes back years to the time when I was first asked for a ‘Christmas List’. For those who have never heard of this, a Christmas List (and in the same vein a ‘Birthday List’) is basically a wish list of things I would like as Christmas presents. I always thought it a strange idea that getting a present was expected. Probably just me. Anyway here is my list, which is not in any particular order, but it is interesting that wine and whisky seem to have found their way to the top of the list:

Twenty things I like!

  • Red and white wine (still only)
  • Whisky
  • Beef rump steak fried or grilled (not such a fan of fillet)
  • Pork (any kind)
  • Reading fantasy novels
  • Writing my blog
  • Working with Excel (other spreadsheets are available!)
  • Craft beers (Ales as opposed to lager types)
  • Knitting (not crochet)
  • Cycling (when I get fit again ……)
  • Driving my car (when I know where I’m going)
  • Old classic films (movies)
  • Old classic radio comedy (mainly British)
  • Reading other peoples blogs
  • Photography
  • Creative writing (a work in progress)
  • Detailed instructions (for anything)
  • Ironing clothes (sad, I know)
  • Cooking
  • Finding bargains

Why do I write – #writing101

Why do I write? I’ve never really given the subject much thought. Well that is until today. I’ve thought about it a great deal. What conclusion have I come to?

I suppose I could come out with all the old clichés … ‘I write to express myself!’ … ‘I need to leave a presence!’ … ‘I have a burning desire to be famous!’ … ‘it is just something I need to do!’ … ‘I do it for art!’ None of them are true of course. If I had to analyse it, I would probably would have to admit, that I write just for something to do. There’s no deeply buried reason for writing, I just do it when I want to. It’s not even a hobby. I will one day just have an idea and then I write it down. I mean of course, record it on my word processor, my handwriting skills are not something to be proud of.

I have never been what you might call a committed writer. I don’t set deadlines or anything like that. You can probably see from my posts here, that there is no set time frame for my blogging. It is basically when the fancy takes me, and that applies to my writing also. So what kind of writer does that make me? I don’t think that’s my call.