Yankee Doodle Dandy……

Am I missing something here ????  I heard on the local news last night about some comments like “If you’re out celebrating 4th July…..”. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but was that not the time the British got stuffed in the ‘War of Independance’ and kicked out America ?????  Why would I celebrate that ?

On another tack. I am now on linkedIn. I don’t know what it will do, but it is ‘another string to my bow’ as the saying goes.

Done for now.

Giving up…….

I have given it my best shot, but it is just too long. I’m talking about Sharon Penman’s book ‘The Sunne in Splendour’. I don’t know whether it is the subject matter ie ‘The War of the Roses’, or whether it’s that I just don’t like the narrative. I have read two of her other books, which were really good. ‘When Jesus and all His Saints Slept’, which was about the titanic struggle for power between Stephen and Maud/Mildred, I thought was superb. Then read ‘The Queens Man’. That was about a spy in the pay of the old queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, which was just as good.

So what to read now ? I have a couple of Cadfael  books, a whole fantasy trilogy by Robin Hobb, a Ken Follett novel about the plague and a biography by someone I’ve never heard of. I’ve also still to finish Gone With The Wind and The Name of The Rose (again). There is also a Hugh Cornwell about Stonehenge. I don’t know, I may give the biog a crack. Change and rest kind of thing.