Not really my style . . .

A few months ago, after reading this blog, a friend made the suggestion that I might want to have a go at creating either a video blog post (Vlog) or an audio blog post (podcast). After I had finished laughing, I tried to explain my reasons for not wanting to go down this line:

“I don’t have any recording equipment!” was my first line of defence. “You have a smartphone!” was the response.

“I wouldn’t have sufficient space on my WordPress account for audio/video files!” was my riposte. “Just create a link to a shared area on your One Drive!” came the return.

At that point, I made an excuse and logged off the app I was chatting on.

The main issue is with both a Podcast and a Video blog, is that I know what my voice sounds like. In my head, I sound like a young Charles Dance. In reality, my accent is quite broad(ish) and I sound like a poor man’s Fred Truman, which makes me feel a little self-conscious. So I don’t think you will be hearing from me in that sense, any time soon. Although … I did get a phone tripod, just in case.


The path to “Lock-down … episode IV” has begun. I was shopping for a few essentials (wine, beer, gin etc) in a local supermarket. Ninety per cent, of the shoppers were continuing to wear a face mask as requested. But I could not help noticing five or six customers that seemed to think that pulling the neck of their T-shirts over their mouth would work. The fact that as soon as they reach out to take something off the shelf, their mouth becomes exposed seemed to have little or no effect.

I fear that these next few weeks are going to be ‘make or break’ in this pandemic. Of course, the Prime Minister cannot lose here. As the Government appears to have abandoned responsibility and forced that responsibility onto us, he is in a ‘win-win’ situation. If everything goes well after the great ‘unlocking’ then he will be the Hero of the day. However, if the whole thing goes pear-shaped, then it will be our fault for dodging our own personal responsibilities.

Everyone is doing one …

Well, it seems like it! One of my neighbours is doing one, and an old colleague has just finished his first! So I’m considering doing my own. The only issue I have is what would it be about? I mean they all seem to have a theme. By the way, I’m talking about “Podcasts.”

How difficult can it be? All I need is a microphone and a computer, in fact, I’m creating this post on a laptop that has a built-in microphone. Then there is my smartphone which can capture audio. I have a YouTube account that I can upload the Podcast to, so what is to stop me from broadcasting to the world? Well as I mentioned before “… what would it be about?“. What possible expertise or knowledge, do I have that people may find interesting to hear about.

Then, there is another option to consider. What about a Vlog? Possibly (definitely) a step too far.

Something to think about … maybe.

Waste of 40 minutes …

Not quite 40 minutes but it seemed like it. So what was the waste? I have been wondering about adding a vlog post to this blog. Do not know what I want from it yet, but thought it could be another string to my bow. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to announce that “It’s not going to anytime happen soon folks!” Firstly for want of a better word, the camera on this laptop is dire. In fact, it is probably worse than dire. It was grainy with the poorest sound reproduction ever. It took most of the said 40 minutes to work out how to start the recording. Then after viewing the video I began to wish I had not found out how to!

So then, onto the iPad. Much better camera, better resolution (although still very grainy), but I found myself looking at the screen rather than the camera itself. Result was that I seemed to be looking to the right all the time. Not good at all.

Next I tried my smartphone. This has a great camera. The resolution was much better but again can’t quite train myself to look at the camera.  Hence on that video I appeared to be looking at my feet most of the time.

In conclusion, unless I can get a better camera set-up, I think my days as a VLogger have to be put out to pasture. I might try and rig up my Panasonic Lumix Camera as a web-cam. I seem to remember seeing that it can connect to a computer using a HDMI cable. I also have one of those Flip cameras, but that only has one capture lens.

There are times when I worry about me …

I have done all the morning jobs. Had a glance at Twitter and Facebook, and was wondering what to do next. I then hit on this bizarre idea, that I should do a Vlog (Video Blog) post. Good idea, I thought. Never done one before, but how difficult can it be?

So I opened the camera app, set up the screen so that the camera was  actually pointing in the right direction and pressed ‘Record’ ……………… Now what? What shall I talk about? My mind went even blanker than usual. At least when I write, I can stop and think about what I’m writing and edit it before it becomes final. With a Vlog, if you mess up, then you have to start again. I had not thought this through. I need a script, and I need to practise. I don’t hold out much hope for this new idea of mine!


Work is getting a bit strange now. After the past months of not daring to do anything but the project testing, it seems to have slowed down to such a stage as I’m able to get on with other work. Since being on this project, my so called ‘real work’ has been taken up by others in the team. I have only picked up little bits of work, that the team either don’t know how to do or more often that not, don’t want to do.

There is one more update to this project, then on paper at least, it is finished. I will then have to re-join the main team, which is something I’m dreading.

After my operation and the three/four months convalescence, I was so far behind in knowledge of the team and its work, that I struggled to absorb everything I was being shown. I felt that I was about six or seven months behind the colleagues that I was working with. Now after another year away from that team, I reckon I’m back where I was when the teams merged and am going to struggle even more than before. I have mentioned that I think I will need fully retraining, but seems to have been dismissed somewhat.

It is not going to be fun. What will make it worse is that I will be considered ‘the expert’ in the system I have been working on. You see, in the service I’m in, you are classed as being an ‘expert’ if you are the only one in that team that has done any of the work that you’re classed as an expert in.


My Music:

Edith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien

I was introduced to the music of Edith Piaf many years ago. Hopefully, the YouTube link is still there.