Awful afternoon

I was about a hundred metres down the road, when I spotted the Police car behind me. A quick look at the speedo’ showed me I was under the limit. Just! So I drove the whole road at 58 miles per hour, with the police car 20 foot behind me. Now, will he turn into … Continue reading Awful afternoon

Here we go again

     Well, as the title says, "Here we go again". I'm not waiting until the new year to begin posting again.      Things have been a bit up and down over the past few months. The youngest has had quite a lot of 'episodes'. Well when I say episodes, I mean violent episodes. The level … Continue reading Here we go again

Long time…no post

   As the title says, it’s been a long time since my last post. The holiday went much as expected. It seemed to take us until about half-way through the week, before we realised that R*** may have not been at his best. Stupid really ! He had just had a tooth extraction, on the … Continue reading Long time…no post

All done …. well for six months anyway

The appraisal went much as expected. A 10 minute trip down memory lane into what my objectives were (memo: ‘I already knew’), why they were picked (memo: see previous memo) and why they were not fully met (memo: ‘we knew they wouldn’t be’). Then we moved into patronising mode, where we discussed my strengths and … Continue reading All done …. well for six months anyway