What’s new ???

   It does not look any different !!! Microsoft has decided that I need to upgrade both MSN Messenger and Live Writer. So what is different ?? I suppose I should have looked at the what’s new page, but really, It was working fine before. (I feel a rant coming on here … this may warrant a posting in my Grumpy group)

   This one of the problems I have with Microsoft. You can be chugging along, quite nicely thank you, without any problems, the MS decides you need an upgrade. They are always doing it with Windows, and look at the arse bucket the did with Vista. That has to be the least popular Windows OS ever. Even the hardnosed MS fans, have little good to say about Vista. At work, we are running XP Pro, Service Pack 2 (they don’t like SP3 for some reason), and in the words of the good and great, “We have no plans to upgrade the current operating system at the present time”. If the usual is anything to go by, we should upgrade to Windows 7, just as Windows 10 is announced.

   Just heard, that the eldest has been to see a movie called “The Spell”. It is a local movie project, that he got a part in as an extra. A whole 7 or 8 seconds. He went to see the premier last night, and I think he is quite proud of himself. I told him to quickly add it to his CV. He should also tell the people at the  job place up at Uni. There may be a lot of small parts in movies that students might be making. It will be a way of getting his name around.

Bank holiday weekend …yah

This new theme is quite a clean looking one. Looks very sharp.  It’s been a strange day. Pottsy has gone, so despite what a lot of people think, it is a big blow. He was not a bad bloke, and unlike a lot of people, stood a joke. Heaven knows who we will get. There are one or two waiting in the wings, ready to take it on, but neither will be any good. The job needs a people manager, and neither of ‘the big two’ are people managers. We wait and see, with intrepid anticipation.

Microsoft has issued ‘Service Pack 2’ for Office 2007 this week. It will come as an automatic update in a few weeks, so I downloaded it whilst at work. We can install it to all three machines over the weekend. It’s a 290mb download, so it would have taken a good 10-15 minutes, and that would have been repeated on each machine. Quite a bit of saving there, I should think. Microsoft seems to be pushing IE8 a lot. I hear that will come as an auto update. It would appear that it will download, and that it will be the user’s choice whether to install or not. I do not think i will install it, although if I am forced to download the thing, I may as well install it..

I’m letting the eldest drive to work tomorrow. From the sounds of it, he seems to be fine. Mrs H, has finally got it, that they way people are taught to drive now, is very different from when she was taught. I have been saying that for the past 14 years. Now she believes it.

Not heard from my American friend all week. I cannot chat on MySpace, well I could, but I just don’t like the interface. She has been on facebook, but I’m not too sure if she realises that you can chat on there.