Is it that important ?

I was driving back from picking up a parcel from Argos. The road is a single carriageway and whilst not like a switch-back, there are some tightish bends. The majority of the time, the speed limit it 50mph, but for a stretch of about 2 – 2½ miles, the limit is 40mph. Many people ignore this limit as you would expect. So I was motoring along in 50mph zone when I noticed in my mirror that an Audi was tailgating me. Honestly, he was that close, I could almost smell his aftershave. He kept moving nearer the centre of the road to try and pass, but the traffic on the other side was to busy. Of course, when drivers do that to me, I tend to slow down. So now I’m travelling at 42/43mph and I can see he is getting irritated as he now has to slow down. Soon we get to a stretch of road that is a long bend. It is not tight, and he sees his chance to get past. I’m now up to the correct speed, so he has to go at least 65mph to pass me. Which of course he does.

When you get to the end of the bend, and the road begins to straighten, there is a layby and that is where the mobile speed camera usually sits. Not every day, but most days. Today was one those days. A mile further up the road and my Audi friend is waived into the next layby by the waiting police patrol car. I tried not to laugh.

So is his journey so important that he has to drive in that manner?


Over the past year or so, I have had the tendency to ‘follow back’ most who followed my blog. But it had got the stage where I was following over 200 sites. Many of these were commercial sites trying to sell me something and many hadn’t posted anything for some time. So this morning, before I went out, I sat down and went through all those that follow me and ‘un-followed’ anyone who had not posted for more than a month. There was one follower that had not posted since 2016! I have an idea that most will not even notice and the majority of those that do notice, will not care. I’m now down to a more reasonable 103.

So if you are one of the above, it’s nothing personal.

Cold calling …. don’t you just love them

When I say ‘love them’ ………

I got one yesterday. Knocked on the door around 3:30pm, I could see him through window, and knew at once, that he was selling something. And from the look of his clothes, he was not very good at it. I decided to have a bit of fun

I opened the door, and the guy took a step back, with one hand up.

Don’t worry … It’s nothing to get alarmed about” he said, with a big smile on his face.

“Why should I worry ?” I asked.

“I just like to reassure people. That’s all” was the reply. “I’ve come to upgrade your broadband.”

“And what broadband is that ?” I queried.

“Your Broadband is now free !!!!!” he announced. “Did a tall guy come on Friday to let you know ?”

“No !” said I

“Well your local exchange has been updated, and now it is free !!” he proudly announced.

So you assume that I have a broadband connection do you ?”

By this time he was beginning to look a little puzzled.

Who are you with ?” I asked

C******* W********.” he said.

How then can you upgrade my broadband ?”

Who provides yours then ?” he ventured.

S**. “ I replied.

Did you know that if you dial a number with S**, then it costs you 7p a call, even if you do not get through ?”

I’m not interested. Thank you.”

There then ensued another exchange of his views on why I should be interested, before I closed the door. I can’t think of any occasion when I would purchase anything from someone knocking on the door. I think it was a shock to find a male person answering the door at that time of day. It was the out and out lies or misinformation, that I object to. Lie number 1: ‘… local exchange has been updated’. The exchange has not been just updated. From what I could see on the website, that particular unbundling took place in July 2008. Lie number 2: ‘and now it is free’ . It is not free !!!! I would have to sign up to C******* W********, for my broadband, and from what I know, it is only the lowest package that is free. Lie number 3: ‘…cost you 7p a call, even if……’. It was that one that did it.

Just love them.