My take on it …

I'm having a go at a different type of post today. Rather than my usual 'rants & raves' I thought I would have a go at something that might be useful. Photo: Randy Mayor I was talking to a friend at work last week and the subject of Spaghetti Carbonara was raised. She was a … Continue reading My take on it …

As near as vegetarian as I get …..

I am a carnivore! I enjoy eating meat! And fish! I have no conscience with regard to meat or fish, so I'll get that out of the way first. Also to put to bed is that I have no issue with anyone who doesn't eat meat. For whatever reason. I'm not a particular fan of … Continue reading As near as vegetarian as I get …..

Almost there

   The title of this post refers to my attempt at making hummus. It all started, when Mrs H found a bag of dried chick peas, that we had in the cupboard. She was all set for throwing them out, and like a fool, I suggested that I make hummus. Sounded like a good idea … Continue reading Almost there

A good day….and a recipe

   Well, we did not think it would be. Youngest was in a very good mood last night, but was awake at 6:00am this morning, and we were expecting the worst. However, we have had no problems at all. It’s 10:30pm, and we are trying to get him to settle down. Fingers crossed !!    … Continue reading A good day….and a recipe

Cracking Tomato Sauce

Just thought I’d share this… Serves 3/4 Ingredients     1 medium onion - roughly chopped     1 large clove of garlic - roughly chopped     2 rashers of streaky bacon - roughly chopped     1 14oz tin of tomatoes     1 tablespoon of olive oil     1 tablespoon of fresh parsley chopped     1 tablespoon … Continue reading Cracking Tomato Sauce