Nearly over …

I refer, of course to the “Home alone … yet again …” experience in my last post. Well the week has sometimes flown by and then at other times it seems to have dragged a bit. I suppose the hardest part about the week was notAlone having anyone to talk to. S**** and partner came round on Thursday, but they only stopped for a meal before going for their Thursday swim. I went to the quiz-night at the local pub on Tuesday, but it’s been that long since I last went, there was nobody in that I knew. Seems that the pub in the next village that used to do a quiz-night has closed, so all their regular ‘quizzers’ descended on my local. I didn’t stop.

R*** has been marvellous! An absolute star. It looks like the fact that we told him K*** was going on holiday with his grandad Starworked. He was home by 5pm on Friday, and it took him until 10pm on Saturday before he asked where his mum was. I told him again and he hasn’t mentioned it again. I was quite amazed really, as it was K***s biggest worry. It goes to prove a point we have been making for a while. That is, if he knows what he is doing then he seems to accept it. Autistic people like routine and can get distressed if their routine is changed. With R***, it seems that his routine is able to change as long as he knows about well in advance.

It worked …..

   The resizing of the partitions on the youngest lads PC went well. A lot better than I expected. Mind you, I did practice a couple of times with my portable drive. It took about an hour, but I’m well pleased with the result. Step 1 – completed.

   Never did get the bike ride. The wind was a bit too much. We did manage to walk to the pub.

   No pub tonight. Drama group was rehearsing, but the local is closed on a Monday, and the other pub, it a little too expensive. Still, quiz night tomorrow. Is another win in the pipeline ???

Where does the weekend go to ……

   Well I went to the quiz after all and have to say, at times I did feel a little of the ‘spare part syndrome’. One minute they’re talking to me, and the next …… Or maybe it’s just me. Still quite an enjoyable evening. The rest of the working week went quite well. I still suspect that a certain person had a little moan about me, but nothing was said, so who knows !!!

   Wednesday was another night out. Drama group this time, so that was another late night. Made even more so, by the fact that S**** fancied another drink when we got in. so it was getting on for 01:15am when I went to bed. Mrs H said that he was still up at around 03:00am !!!

   My hospital check-up well really well. an ECG, Ultrasound and a talk with the consultant, all done within an hour. He wants to see me in about six months. There does not appear to be any change. The rest of the day was spent in York.

   Yesterday was spent in the garden. Planting cuttings and things. I cut the grass, which was a bit of a waste of time. Due to the lack of rain since its’ last cut, it had not grown much at all. Our new neighbours cut down a couple of the trees in their garden. We are really pleased, as the amount light coming into the house has increased by at least 300%. Amazing difference !! We are now hoping they are going to cut down the leylandii too. Now that will make a bigger difference.

   Me an Mrs H out for a drink last night. R*** is on respite for the weekend, so it was nice to get out for an hour. Of course, as usual, an annoying couple of people turned up. However, it did not spoil the evening.

A struggle to post sometimes …

   Well, we did not go to the quiz after all. The weather wasn’t too good, and I was a bit tired. There are many nights when I just cannot be bothered, and just want to sit and read, or listen to some music.

   The IT stuff got sorted. The folders that the staff needed access to are only available to staff who have a certain application, and although all the staff can see the folders, only certain ones can do anything with them. I have no idea why they do it that way.

   It was Mrs H’s birthday on Sunday. Eldest came over for the weekend, and they both went to the local music event. It is usually me that goes with S****, but we all thought it would be nice if him and K*** went. I think she enjoyed it. You never can tell, especially when she says things like ‘It was different’ and ‘I did not know what to expect’.

    A busy day coming up on Wednesday. It is the end of the financial year and I have a number of reports to run. We did a test run last week, and the Finance Manager (did I really capitalise that) seemed happy with them. Fingers crossed things stay that way.

   Youngest is supposed to be going to the dental hospital on Thursday. Trouble is he has started with a cold, and I don’t think they will let him have the treatment if he has a cold. Still, it will be another day off, and I think I will have earned it.

Today just happened

   Quite an uninteresting day today. A fall out from a disagreement, that I was expecting did not happen, which was unusual. I was just about ready for a fight. Never mind, it is bound to happen sooner or later. The problem is, that I’ve been sat opposite the same person now, for nearly four years. It has been getting very tiresome for the past twelve months, and one day it will snap. I thought it was going to happen yesterday, but I really bit my tongue and held back. There are issues here, and I should bring them to the attention of a higher authority. But that could make it worse for me. It is a fine balance, but if I’m pushed………

   No quiz tonight. Eldest did not turn up, and I was not really bothered about going on my own. We had bit of a bad turn with the youngest, and I did not feel like leaving Mrs H on her own with him. He seems to be okay now. I don’t really have a problem, going to the pub on my own. There are a couple of people I could chat to, and possibly do the quiz with, but maybe next time. If he comes up for his drama tomorrow, we will probably go then. Tried texting him tonight. It was his first day back at Uni today, but he may just be tired. He had to be there for 10:00am, and even earlier tomorrow. His flatmate did not go Uni today. It is not good, missing the first day. S**** has said himself, that it is not going to be as last year. There are deadline that they have to meet this year.

   Just been chatting on MSN to my American friend. We’ve not had much success, MSN kept throwing her out. We have not chatted for quite a while. We never seem to be both online at the same time these days. It’s funny, we used to chat every evening, and often during the day too. strange how things change. Mind you, there are a lot of people, that I used to chat to a lot, but I do not like it when they get too close and serious, and start opening up with their secrets. It then becomes a bind, and the fun element is lost.

   There was a message on Twitter yesterday from the classical ‘Boy Band’, Blake. Their new album is out next week, and so for their Twitter and Facebook followers, they had posted a free mp3 on  a website. I downloaded it, and it sounds very good. Just for a laugh, I sent a DM back, thanking them for the freebie. To my surprise, one of the guys tweeted back !!!!! I was well impressed. So that is the 3rd famous person, that has tweeted back to me. First is was Maggie Philbin, then Sarah Brown (the PM’s wife) and now Blake. Where will it all end !!!!

…and it’s only Monday

   It started good. Then seemed to go downhill very quickly. It is quite difficult working with some people. Some people are so sanctimonious, and “ne’er do wrongs” that they become impossible to actually get on with at times.

   Youngest had a bit of a do tonight. Everyone still seems to think that is his computer that causes the problem. So, if that is the case, then why did we have no problems with him on Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday, when he was never off the thing ???? My opinion, for what it is worth, is that the computer acts as the release for the anger that built up during the day.

   Eldest is back at Uni tomorrow. That will be a bit of a shock to the system. I don’t think he will be up for the quiz, tomorrow night though. I also have some doubts that he’ll be up for the drama on Wednesday. His friend B** did not turn up last week, and did not turn up at the Beer Fest either. The split up, between B** and R** may cause more problems than everyone thinks. If B** does not take part, then I think the eldest, may find some reason to drop out too. I do know, that he is not too happy with the subject matter of the panto. It will be a shame if he does not pop up, as I am beginning to get to like my Wednesday night out !!

   By the way, I’ve started a group on the National Blog Posting Month blogsite. It called Grumpy But Content, and it is open for anyone to have a moan and a whinge, without anyone criticising them. You can find a link on my Blogroll, so go on, sign up and have a good old gripe, just keep it clean, as it I don’t intend to moderate it.

Nearly Wednesday…..

Well the pattern that was forming has gone through the window. Its been nearly 2 weeks since the last post. What has happened in that time… !!

Youngest son is currently in Germany with school. That was a major worry for us. Right up until the last minute, we were getting ‘No Germany!!’ from him. But he went, and the reports back sound like he has not had a problem. He is back tomorrow at around 21:30. It will seem very strange having him back. Almost as strange as him being away.

No its the eldest son that seems to be the problem at the moment.

Things do not seem to be going very smooth at the moment. The problem is, I think, that he feels that we should ‘let go’ a little, and allow him to be a 19 year old man. To this end I agree somewhat. However, what he needs to realise, is that he has to act like a 19 year old. Take tonight for instance. I receive a txt message asking when the last bus is. He knows this as every week we txt him the time of the last bus. so tonight he misses it. I get angry … his mum gets upset. He is going to crash at his mates flat, I hope. <<Latest News … he got to his mates>>.  I’ll have to set my alarm so I can let him in. I/we are not sure what is happening with his girlfriend. One minute there is no problems, then the next minute there seem to be lots of problems. Think he needs to talk to us more, but that ain’t going to happen.


Big problems at work. IT decided to rearrange the network drive structure. Result, our main software package stops working. I managed to login and hopefully fixed it, but there are still a lot of issues to sort out. It is going to be a difficult couple of days when I get back. Funny thing was, I felt like a real ‘techie’ being able to work from home. That could come in useful. It looks like the new laptop has paid for itself already. It was a bit slow, when I first tried logging in, but now it seems to be the same as at work. Although, opening some files does seem to take a while.

Quiz night at the Red Lion tonight. Mrs H won the Bingo… £13.00. Two calls, which was a bit disappointing. We managed to get 24 points on the quiz, which was our best result yet, and there were some hard questions. Did not bother with the footie card. We only won on that once, and it is not as much fun as the bingo or quiz. A bit miffed that the relief landlord was still there … he is a bit of a miserable sod. Eldest does not like him, and I don’t think many others do either. Seems to be a different atmosphere when P*** and S**** are away.

Quiz night … not tonight Josephine !

Well from what I’ve heard, the tattoo was a success. I did not see it this morning, but it looked okay last night. No quiz tonight as he’s out in Bradford for the evening.

I did not get up until 7am this morning, but I was still in work for 8:15. This new link road is really good. It takes hours of my travelling time. I wonder if it will save on petrol. It should do, as I am not stopping and starting and can keep a constant speed up.

My old mate Carol is now on Facebook, so that will a good way to keep in contact. It sounds like she is having a good time. It would be nice to meet up and have a drink some time.

Another old mate/colleague got in touch today. David sent a reply to my message on Friends Reunited. I posted it about 3 months ago, but he’s only just picked it up. We first met in 1971 … OMG how old does that make me feel. It felt the same meeting up with Steve from Bradford, last week. I must do a reply to David very soon. It sounds like he is doing well for himself. I will also have to see if he has Rean’s email. I would like to get back in touch with these people. Who knows, someone, somewhere may have a bit of information on my old best mate, JT. A chain of contacts may prove very useful.

These social networks do seem to be good at keeping people in touch or even regaining contact with old friends. Mind you,some of the friends, may not have been that good friends when we parted, but that is all in the past.