Sparse blogging

   When I started this blog, it was my every intention to post something everyday. For a long time this did happen. They were not mind-blowing posts, just general observations on my and my families life. As time went on, this daily blogging drifted into random posts, often with 4/5 a week. Now I seem to have ‘lost the will to post’. It is not that there is noting to post, it is just that when I get the time (usually after 11:00pm) I often cannot be bothered. Hence ‘lost the will……’. So where are we now. Well, I think this will become a random blog. Posting just whenever the wind blows in the right direction, so to speak. Maybe I should do a ‘catch-up’ post. My other blog, for the schools PTA is starting to pick-up a little. Mind you, I did have to write a flyer to send to all the 100 or so parents and carers, which led to two people subscribing to the blog, so a little success there.

   Right, a few jobs to do, then who knows, maybe post some more …… which way is the wind blowing!!

Good intentions

   I have meant to post, but the evenings just seems to run away these days. so to catch up. The play was as good as I was told it was going to be, and S**** was really pleased afterwards. As expected, Saturday night was a late one again. We got back in about half past two, and it would have been three when I fell into bed. Sunday was a lot quieter.

   The past week was a bit hectic at work. We were having some new hardware and software installed, and it never quite goes to plan. This time it was not too bad. Still had problems, but they seem to be working themselves out. Fingers crossed. But it made for a very exhausting week.

   Saturday, saw the first Strawberry Jam Music Festival. Well, I should explain. The toilets in the village hall need refurbishing, but there is no money to do it. One of the young people people in the village, decided to do something about it. She organised, what she called the ‘Strawberry Jam Music Festival’. It was basically a twelve hour musical event, featuring local, unsigned bands, that performed in the village hall. Some of the bands were quite well known in the local scene. Bands such as Soul Circus (who are playing both Leeds and Reading festivals), White Light Parade, Die Video Die, Testtone3 to name just a few. We had a Bramham guy called Owen Richards, who is part of a well known band called ‘Grammatics’. All in all, it was a good event.

   The PTA website is coming along nicely. i just need to get people to pass me information. And as important, visit the site. I’ve emailed the committee members, to try and get them to pass the web address to other. We will see what happens. At the moment, the stats have ‘flat-lined’. It would be good, if people would sign up for the email. That would help.

Back again ….

   Well, as expected, the quiz-nite went well again. We got 37 points, which is a record for our little (sic) team. Of course, we did not win. That was never on the cards, but that’s not the point. R** won the bingo though. I don’t think she really knew what to do/say when her numbers came up.

   It’s strange though, seeing people, that I know from the primary school, when I was on the PTA. People that you remember as little kids, that are now grown up and quite mature and sensible. Makes you feel a little old. I think what is worrying though, is that I know the faces, but not the names. Must be an age thing.

   All done for today.