A new week …. hurrah

   K**** was back at work today. Everyone has missed her, well at least I hope they have. It was good to see her back. All went quite well. No problems with the PDA’s, although I’ve logged 11 for repair, and have only received quotes for 10 of them. I know what will happen.  I’ll raise an order for 10 repairs and get it emailed off, then the 11th quote will come through, and I’ll have to raise another order. If I wait, I’ll have to ring the help-desk and ask what is happening.

  I got a random email for an MSN friend this morning. It had a link to a web based software called Status Checker. This is apparently a piece of software the is supposed to check to see who has blocked you on MSN. My Geek instincts told me not to open the thing, and to let the person who sent me it know. It turns out that I could have been right. MSN Status Checker is a valid web service, that tries to do what it says. However, as all Geeks and Nerds know, never click on links on emails, unless you know what the link is. Even then, I’m very wary. This thing could be a variant of the ‘koobface’ virus.

   S****’s back seems to be no better. He’s seen the doctor, but we don’t know what he said really. It would appear, that he needs to register with a doctor nearer where he lives, and then needs to get some physiotherapy. I’m not too sure about that though. It would be different if he was going to be living in Leeds for a long time, but he could be back at home next August, which is his work experience year, or more likely even further away.

   I seem to be getting quite a bit of pressure fro the candidate for the local Labour Party. Our MP is standing down at the next election, and I’ve had the three candidates contact me over the past few weeks. One of them, Karen Bruce has been in email contact, another one, James Ellis (I think) even came to see me. The third sent his CV, but he was so unremarkable, that his name has not even registered. I have to ask myself, where is all this interest when the General or even Local elections are happening. This is such a safe Tory seat, that they just don’t even bother to show their faces. How can they expect to get new voters. And by the same token, the Tories are so confident here, that we don’t see them either. At the last local election, the only literature we got from any party, was from the BNP, and that was pushed through the letterbox after 11:00 at night. As for the Lib-Dems, well the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘teapot’ spring to mind. I will not be voting, as I am no longer a party member, but if I did, Karen Bruce would be my choice.

   All done.

Interesting day…..

The hospital appointment went quite well. Youngest was extremely well behaved, and the Dr/Consultant was very positive. He is going to get some things to put the the R***’s ears, that might help. He seemed to agree that tinnitus could well be one of the problems. It appears that these ‘moulds’ have a low background noise, similar to running water. This it seems could help to counteract the other noise R*** may be experiencing. He did say, however, that it is quite possible that R*** may just pull the things out, the first time he used them. Then he would have to think again. R*** was very calm and relaxed, even during the the time the Dr was making the templates. This involved injecting a rubber/latex compound into his ears. Touch wood, he has not had an episode at all today, despite getting a bit frustrated with Movie Maker again.

Eldest went back to his flat today. The living room looked a right tip when we got there. I don’t think his flatmate understands the concept of tidy. Mrs H appeared to be okay with him going back, although she did not see the place. I suppose that is how students live. I never lived away until I was married, so I have nothing to compare. We have to learn to let go.

Still no reply from the Labour Party with regard to my subscription. It is now 4 days since I emailed them. Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence. Ironically, I received a letter from the Constituency party office today, inviting me to the hustings for the next candidate. Our MP is standing down before the next election. I’ve been invited (amongst many others) to elect the new candidate. I will decline.

Doctors tomorrow. I have to have my blood pressure measured. R*** on the other hand is having his ears syringed. I’m not too sure how that will go down. If he is half as good as he was today then there will not be a problem.

Bloody cheek ….

I’ve just properly read the letter from the Labour Party. It is a notification of change to the direct debit. It would appear, that at the last conference in 2008, the NEC agreed overwhelmingly to increase membership fees in line with inflation. I do not have a problem with this. However, as a member of the GMB, I am entitled to a reduced rate. This is currently at £12.00 per year. The increase I am facing is £7.00 to £19.00 for the year 2009/2010. By my calculation, this is around 58% increase. I was given to understand, that inflation was currently running at around 4%. Now my maths was never top drawer, but I can see something is not quite right here. So after nearly 20 years membership, I have cancelled my membership. It is not something I do lightly. But when I’m being told, as a public servant, that I must bear the brunt of wage restraint, with an expected pay increase of less than 1%, the expectation that I would be willing to pay such an increase in subscription is laughable.

It has been a mixed day today. Youngest up at 5am this morning. Although he did stay in his room until about 7am. Then I took the eldest’s computer round to his flat. I managed to set it all up on the desk that he’d bought, just. But he left me too it, and went to get his Wii set up. I then dropped him off at the letting agent, to hand in the inventory. We don’t think he would have done it otherwise. A quick pint, then off to do a bit of shopping. It was heaving in Headingley. Full of cricket fans, wandering round in fancy dress. It now seems to be a tradition, that cricket fans turn up at the test match wearing outlandish clothes. Groups wearing everything from Nuns outfits to gorillas to people wearing red hair. All very light hearted and in good humour. Which is pleasing, considering the hammering England has been subjected to in this particular test. Who would have thought, that the lack of Freddie Flintoff, would make such a difference to the team. While I’m on that, if it is only his knee that is troubling him…why did he not have a runner ?

Youngest kicked off again tonight. Definitely no trigger this time! He was on YouTube, and I was dozing in the chair, when he went. Another bad episode that lasted 20 minutes again. And then just now, when it was time to go to bed, he started again. He is now asleep, but I would put good money on him being awake and upset very early in the morning. Going to be a fun week.