A new week …. hurrah

   K**** was back at work today. Everyone has missed her, well at least I hope they have. It was good to see her back. All went quite well. No problems with the PDA’s, although I’ve logged 11 for repair, and have only received quotes for 10 of them. I know what will happen.  I’ll … Continue reading A new week …. hurrah

Interesting day…..

The hospital appointment went quite well. Youngest was extremely well behaved, and the Dr/Consultant was very positive. He is going to get some things to put the the R***’s ears, that might help. He seemed to agree that tinnitus could well be one of the problems. It appears that these ‘moulds’ have a low background … Continue reading Interesting day…..

Bloody cheek ….

I’ve just properly read the letter from the Labour Party. It is a notification of change to the direct debit. It would appear, that at the last conference in 2008, the NEC agreed overwhelmingly to increase membership fees in line with inflation. I do not have a problem with this. However, as a member of … Continue reading Bloody cheek ….