Something new ……..

For the past 18 months or so, I have been using Windows Live Writer (WLW) as my blogging client. Why ???? Well it was free, it was easy to use and many people say it is the best client, working with WordPress (ya……shout out for WordPress.) However, since Monday or maybe Sunday, WLW has been giving me problems. Serious pain in the arse !!!! What was happening, was that I would be hammering away on the keyboard, and suddenly WLW was no longer running. It shut down !!!! There was no warnings, no request to save, no ‘are you sure…’ just disappeared. A frantic Google search, hinted that the problem lie with IE8. So off I trotted to the Microsoft website and I re-installed IE8, together with all it’s updates and such. Did it work ????? Well if I say, that I’m now blogging via a desktop client called “BlogDesk“, then I think that the answer may be obvious. I have a strong suspicion, that the problems may be Firefox 5 related. I updated to FF5 around the same time !!! Hmmmmm.

At first glance (and I will know more when this post has been uploaded), it is striking similar to WLW. So it will not take too much getting used to, which is a blessing. Seeing is believing !!!!

Holidays start tomorrow. I have a half day, and then all the next week offImage. We are having a ‘family’ weekend away to the Lake District from tomorrow. That should be interesting. There will be fourteen of us in, what they call ‘A Lodge’. This is basically a seven bedded house with six double beds, and two twin beds. The sleeping arrangements are going to be ‘fun’ to say the least.

We come back on Monday, and R*** is then on respite until the following Monday. I don’t know how he is going to deal with that at all. I have to go into work for an hour on Friday (sodding IT) and Mrs H is at a meeting on Tuesday, so the week is a bit split up really. What with that and the fact that S**** has got drama rehearsals all week, the holiday is going to be different.

Well here goes. Let me know what you think.


Here’s a thought. The Firefox browser starts to make a big dent in the browser narket. Microsoft wants everyone to use their latest version of Internet Explorer (IE8). Suddenly, a vunerability is discovered in IE6 and IE7 (MS knew about this in September) that is so dangerous that Governments are getting involved. Suddenly everyone is updating their browser to IE8, even though they never use it for the internet, because IE is integral to the operating system. Bingo!!!! IE8 becomes the most popular browser again (V3)

Now forgive my cynical nature, but what if that ‘vunerability’ or ‘flaw’ was buried in one of the service pack or updates …

No let up ….

   Mrs H still in pain, although I think we both slept a lot better last night. She said that she only seemed to wake up once. The trouble I’ve found, with dental pain, is that it is so intense, that you don’t really notice that the pain is getting less. Then, you wake up and it’s just a background ache. Mind you, I have never had the trouble or pain that Mrs H has, when she has had invasive dental treatment. Even when I had all my top dentures fitted and eight teeth extracted, the only pain I had lasted a couple of days.

   Youngest seems to be doing well with his medication reduction. He has only been having a third of his daily dosage, and he seems to be quite settled with that. I don’t know how school is coping with it. They have not indicated that there is a real problem, except that he seems to take a long time with his lunch. They should see how long it takes at home sometimes!!

   Now, here is a ball ache, Microsoft Internet Explorer !!! even thought I never use IE, I have to apply the latest patch. This will fix the ‘vulnerability’ that allowed the Chinese to hack Google. The problem is that IE is so deeply embedded into the Windows operating system. I can see the next ‘Patch Tuesday’ will try and get me to install the latest version, IE8.

Bank holiday weekend …yah

This new theme is quite a clean looking one. Looks very sharp.  It’s been a strange day. Pottsy has gone, so despite what a lot of people think, it is a big blow. He was not a bad bloke, and unlike a lot of people, stood a joke. Heaven knows who we will get. There are one or two waiting in the wings, ready to take it on, but neither will be any good. The job needs a people manager, and neither of ‘the big two’ are people managers. We wait and see, with intrepid anticipation.

Microsoft has issued ‘Service Pack 2’ for Office 2007 this week. It will come as an automatic update in a few weeks, so I downloaded it whilst at work. We can install it to all three machines over the weekend. It’s a 290mb download, so it would have taken a good 10-15 minutes, and that would have been repeated on each machine. Quite a bit of saving there, I should think. Microsoft seems to be pushing IE8 a lot. I hear that will come as an auto update. It would appear that it will download, and that it will be the user’s choice whether to install or not. I do not think i will install it, although if I am forced to download the thing, I may as well install it..

I’m letting the eldest drive to work tomorrow. From the sounds of it, he seems to be fine. Mrs H, has finally got it, that they way people are taught to drive now, is very different from when she was taught. I have been saying that for the past 14 years. Now she believes it.

Not heard from my American friend all week. I cannot chat on MySpace, well I could, but I just don’t like the interface. She has been on facebook, but I’m not too sure if she realises that you can chat on there.