Home alone … yet again …

I did say after the last time that K*** went away to Gran Canarias that it would probably be the last time.  She was not happy leaving me with R***, knowing what he can be like when things are not what he expects them to be. He turned out to be fine about the whole thing and we were fretting over nothing. Well here we are again, K*** and her sister have gone off to the same place, but this time they have taken their father with them. This is an attempt to keep him busy while he is still grieving. He took the passing of his wife very hard and he is still finding everything a struggle. Here’s hoping that this break helps.


So she went off very early on Monday, before R*** was even up. K*** had mentioned to him that she was “… going on holiday with Grandad …” and he seemed to accept it. When I got him up on Monday morning, the first thing he asked was where his mum was. I explained that she had gone on holiday with Grandad and I told him when she would see him again. He never mentioned it again, which was a bit of a surprise. His transport arrived and he performed his usual routine on his laptop and then was off. No issues or problems what so ever. It was such a relief. You cannot begin to imagine what was going through both K***’s and my mind, but he surprised me.

Now what we have to wait and see if firstly he is okay with his mum not being here over the weekend (she doesn’t get back until late Monday night) and then secondly, he is okay with her not being here to send him of again! I’m fully confident that because he knows what is happening, he will accept it without a problem.


On another tack, the first of a few (just a few) baby knits has been completed. It’s what used to be Little Suprise Baby Jacketcalled a ‘matinee coat’ which is basically a cardigan that is a little longer than the usual cardigan. A normal cardigan has also been started. I’m in my element with this kind of knitting. It is where I started. During the 1960’s my parents were foster parents. Usually for new-borns that were up for adoption. Most came with little or no clothes, so home-made stuff was the cheapest option. I started with mittens, which were easy before moving onto bootees. From there I progressed to cardigans, bonnets and the odd matinee coat. Hardest thing I did was what they used to call a romper-suit which was a type of knitted knickers and vest combination. I don’t think babies wear that kind of thing these days.