Shattered ….too old for this

   The gig at The Albion was really very good. A lot better than I anticipated. There was an exceptional atmosphere, and I enjoyed the night very much. I was really impressed by one of the artistes, Jess Gardham, a singer songwriter from York. So good, I bought her CD.    I suppose, that the … Continue reading Shattered ….too old for this

A long week

   Youngest only on a third of his medication again, and everyone seems to be coping okay. Now here is an odd thing. His consultant, an expert (?) told us that there is no problem if we do not give him his medication, as it is not the type that has to be given. However, … Continue reading A long week

A longish day

Well I was tired, before I started today. Yesterdays late night seemed to do for me a little. Work went okay. The usual minor irritations caused by people who just rush things, without checking all the facts. Eldest is at a gig in York tonight. A lot of his drama friends have gone, because R**** … Continue reading A longish day