Free anti-virus

Who uses free or freeware antivirus software, and which do you use.

For many years I have used AVG in it’s many free versions. I have never used a paid service, and have never felt the need to do so. Yesterday, I foolishly clicked a link on Facebook. I was trying to hide the post (or so I say) but hit the link instead. Almost immediately, AVG warned me of the threat, and dealt with it. As a precaution, I decided to do a full scan. Lo and behold, a trojan and a number of variations were found. These, unusually found in the uninstall files. As expected AVG dealt with the problem. A quick Google told me a little about the trojan, but also alerted me to the fact that AVG was reporting the infections, but that they were false positives.  I then had problems removing the so called ‘infections’, but AVG would not let me access them. The only way round was to disable AVG, restore the ‘infected’ files, unistall the software and download the latest versions. This done, I restarted AVG, only to be told that the files we still infected. Arghhhhhhhh.

I then decided that AVG was the problem, and it had to go.

I am now using Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), and was just interested what others use.
(btw  MSE did not find any of the trojans that AVG found – is this a worry?)

Back to work ….

   It has been a good weekend overall. Today was R***’s birthday. He was really excited this morning. He came into our room, around 6:30 this morning, with his arms outstretched, and said ‘Happy Birthday to me !!!’ It was very funny, and quite surprising that he did that. We certainly did not expect him to do that. He has been really good, all day, with just a tiny blip around 4:00pm, but that very minor. S**** rang today to say Happy Birthday, which pleased Mrs H. Neither of us thought he would ring.

   I am in a bit of a ‘weight crisis’ at the moment. I went for a shower this evening, and as is usual, I got on the scales. I have finally hit 12 stone !!!! This is not good. I have been hovering around 11 stone 11lb for a week or so, but to hit the 12 mark is a bit of a shock. I know what it is though. Biscuits and beer ! It has to stop now ! I also need to start the walking again. Problem is, that it is just not a pleasant place to walk. I suppose I could drive somewhere, but those options are limited too. However, I will make the effort.

   I really need to stop installing software that I do not need. How many ‘uninstallers’ does a person need ? I already have a copy of Revo uninstaller, why on earth do I need Zsoft ??? Fair enough, Zsoft does monitor your installations, but Revo is arguably the best freeware out there. I’m not 100% sure about this new Microsoft Security Essentials either. All the talk about it is very positive, but it depends on how much system resource it takes up. I will see how it goes, as it has only been installed since yesterday.

Tuesday all done and dusted….

Today started quite well (apart from the youngest being in a bad mood again) and it continues in that frame for the rest of the day. I had cakes to buy today. I spent about £9.00 I think, but I brought what was left home with me. They would have only been pinched by ‘persons unknown’. I could not believe Spike asking me if I was taking them home. Cheeky sod … he did not buy any last year.

All the work I needed to do got finished as planned, for which I am very pleased. We are now back in a position, that we should have been two years ago. We’ve finally caught up.

I started reading ‘Brideshead Revisited’ last week. It’s an interesting novel, but I think it will take me a chapter or two to really get into it. I need to get the TV series out of my head. From what I’ve read up to now, the TV version was very true to the novel.

I started to watch the DVD that the eldest bought me for my birthday. He got me Ingmar Bergman’s ‘The Seventh Seal’. I’ve not watched it for years. It’s possibly my 3rd favourite film of all time. He said he was in two minds whether to get that or ‘The Seven Samurai ’ (4th favourite).

The new DVD writer is a success. I have just to get my head around how to use the freeware authoring tool. It is not the most intuitive piece of software I’ve used, but I’ll get there. Which reminds me, I need to edit one of my previous posts. Stop it showing a ‘404’ on the hyperlink.

Day 2 … the journey continues

Much the same today, work wise. Although more jobs to get through, the day went quite well. It did not start too good though. Youngest (bless!) was awake at 01:50am. He could have only been asleep for 2 hours. Give him his due though, he was very quiet, and I think he went back to sleep after a short while. The problem is, that you don’t sleep. You just doze gently, with an eye on the clock, listening for him moving around. Hoping, that he has gone off, but not daring to go and turn of the computer or television. Because you know that at that moment in time, he will wake up again.

Spike back today. I cannot believe, that it took him from 09:15, when he arrived, to 11:20 before he acknowledged that I was there. We had not spoken for 11 days. What kind of a manager is that !!!! Is there any wonder, that on a scale of 1 to 10, the respect for this guy is closer to 0 than to 1.

I forgot my medication this morning! I have to take a ‘pump inhibitor’, which basically stops stomach acid from burning away the lining of my oesophagus. The condition is called “Barrett’s Oesophagus”. I don’t know whether it was because of the lack of sleep or any other factor. I did seem to be running around a little more than usual. I did not realise until this afternoon, when I found I was getting a little indigestion. It was only then that I thought that I may have forgotten.

I have found a great freeware CD burning program. “Burnaware Free” it is called. It has a very small footprint, and is extremely fast. I have been using another piece of freeware software called CDBurnerXP, which is very very good. The only difference is that “Burnaware Free” is a great deal faster when loading the program, and loading the files to be burnt to disc. CDBurnerXP requires, I believe, the dot net framework to run, and that may be the problem. Anyway, for those who are interested, Burnaware Free can be downloaded from and for the record CDBurnerXP is available form

It’s all going quite well

Saturday went very well. I seemed to do quite a bit of driving though. Wetherby and back at 7:00am, the East End Park and back, York and back, and East End Park and back again. It must have been around 75 miles in total. A nice birthday lunch at the pub near the outlet. It was the first time I have actually cleared the plate there !!! Haddock, chips and mushy peas. Washed down with a glorious pint of Jennings’ Cumberland Ale.

I have given up reading  the biog. It is good, but not quite what I expected. I am now reading ‘The Holy Thief’, an Ellis Peters ‘Cadfael’ novel. They really are a good read. I like this historical era.

Why do we still have this ‘Daylight Saving Time’ or ‘BST’. Lose an hours sleep now…gain an hour in Autumn. It is pointless in this day and age. They tell me it is safer when it is lighter in the winter mornings … sorry I don’t get it.

It does not look like Forte Free Agent is still available. I tried Xnews today, but I had difficulty working the controls. Every time I switched windows, all messages were marked as read and were cleared. Still it was not an installed program. It ran from an executable so I could just delete the folder. I will have a look on  FFA may just be on there site. Or possibly on that ‘last freeware’ site, that the Download Squad pointed me to.

Firefox had a security update yesterday. Firefox did not autoupdate. I’m not too sure if it does that. I will have to check. It did mess about with one or two of my settings though, which should not have done. Maybe they were ones I forgot when I created the new profile. That would explain it.