A struggle

     It has been a long time since my last post. The title says it all really. It has been a struggle. A struggle to think of something to say, time to say it, and a struggle to find a point in saying anything.

     When I started this blog, it was my solid intention, to post little and often. That went by the board, when I found that, at times, I did not have the time to post. Then it became a weekly post, and consequently, random posting. Now as I sit here, waiting for the youngest to shut down his PC and settle down to sleep, I’m yet again wondering "What am I doing this for??"

     My other blog, which is an information/bulletin board/website for a school PTA, is still on going. However, that relies on people giving me information to post, and it is not always forthcoming.

Here is a random idea !!!!!

     I’m trying to write a novel. I’ve written just over 500 words, and the theme of the story has changed from a fantasy type to more of a ‘life investigation’, if that’s the right phrase. I think I would like it be about how a person integrates into a new community, and the ups and downs that follow. This may not be the final theme though. I’m finding it difficult to settle into any form of creativity. I think I may post random updates, on how I’m getting on.