Weekly Prompts … Humo(u)r

In my early years as a cook, in a large hospital, I soon found that humour was to be a big part of my life. I am not tall being only 5’ 4”, and this often led to colleagues “taking the proverbial” at every conceivable occasion. At first it was a little annoying, as I did not see myself, at the time as being particularly comedic. I used to get quite angry when I was the butt of a joke, but thankfully it did change and I began to take myself less seriously. This led me to realise that I could be quite funny which increased my popularity somewhat.


When it comes to things like television, I much prefer to watch programmes that have at least some humourous elements. I’m not a fan of the current trend for reality shows which apparently do have some humour in them. I always thought that a ‘reality show’ was to reflect real life. Apparently not. They are simply there to make people, celebrity or otherwise look a little stupid. To that extent, they seem to work, but not for me.

At which point this seems to taking the direction of a rant, so I’ll end it here with this:

“It has been the Bramham Horse Trials this week. I don’t know why they bother ! they never find any horse guilty.”

Second attempt is on it’s way …..

After much thought, I have decided to have another go at writing a short story. This time, I not going to be so conceited as to enter it into a competition. No, this time it is just going to be published on this blog. So what is it about. Well, I think it is a comedy and it takes place in an English Post Office, during the last 20 minutes at the end of a working day. There is just under 1000 words, and I have already done the first rewrite. I gave it to S**** to read, and he did not pick up on one of the minor characters. I have had to rework that character a little more, and hopefully, he will this time.

I just need to pluck up courage to post it on here, when I feel that I have done enough.