Will I ever be the same again …..?

Last year, my wife, eldest son and me were in York. He had been walking the walls, like tourists and had just come down into Foss Island Rd, where there is a break in the walls. We were passed by a rather conspicuous Land Rover, that had a large pole, with a globe atop, in the back. “That” I proudly announced, “is the Google Mapping vehicle !!” No one was listening, and I promptly forgot about it. Until today, when someone at work mentioned that a few cities had gone live with Street View.

I had a look for our street, when I got home, but that’s not been mapped yet. I then looked for the office, but that’s not been mapped yet either. Although I did see the ‘chippie’ on Easy Road. I then remembered the day in York. I tapped in the location as I remember it,and moved along the road. And there we were. The three of us. I could not believe it. Eldest was very impressed, and to be honest, so was I.

The question is ……… should I be worried about ‘the invasion of privacy’ ??? Not one bit !!!