To Buddy or not ….. that is the question ?

Well, todays task is an interesting one. A Blog Buddy! So how would I go about completing this task. I suppose there are three ways I could go. The second most easy way (I'll come to the easiest later) is just to put a request on 'The Commons' on the blogging 201 page and hope … Continue reading To Buddy or not ….. that is the question ?

Latest task ….

I'm not attempting the second of todays Blogging 201 tasks! There are a couple of reasons. The primary reason is my availability to attend a conference or event. Personal circumstances would prevent me from physically attending anything like this. However, I might be interested in something online. That could be a possibility. The first part … Continue reading Latest task ….

What blogging day are we on ….

I was going to start post twice a week, but answering these 'Daily Tasks' has forced me to up that schedule a little. So, without tracking back I have no idea how far along this Blogging 201 road we have got. Well that's not quite true, in fact it's not true at all, but I … Continue reading What blogging day are we on ….

Another quick update ….

     Not much today. I decided to add a 'Top Post' widget, but the side bar was looking a bit overlong. Enter 'Secondary Side Bar'!!!      Hmmm, I'm not too sure about this. The main body seems to be too squashed to accomodate two sidebars effectively. What does anyone think? Maybe I need to consider … Continue reading Another quick update ….

An Experiment

I've seen on a number of occasions, comments on this site and others, that warn people about using Microsoft Word as a blogging tool. This not using Word to write, then 'cut & paste' into your blog, but using the built in template named "Blog post.dotx". This post shows how I use it. ----------------------------------------------- Centre … Continue reading An Experiment

Blogging 201:- Day two

Today's task is to audit my blog. To look at what I'm displaying to the world and see if changes might be needed. So, I've made a start. I've changed the header image to one of my own photographs. It was taken last year in the field across the road from where we live. The … Continue reading Blogging 201:- Day two

Goals and aspirations

As a part of this "Blogging 201", the three goals I intend to aspire to are: Increase number of comments; As of today's date (20/09/2014) I have a total of 154 comments on the posts I have made. My goal/aspiration is to increase this by 20% by the end of October. My ultimate goal would … Continue reading Goals and aspirations

Just give up now ….

I don't know why I do it. It's never going to happen. It's just a waste of money. I am of course talking about the National Lottery, or Lotto as we now call it. The chances of winning even the lowest prize are so poor, that it beggars belief why anybody does it. I have … Continue reading Just give up now ….