Motivational photo ….. 1st go

Well it was my intention to start this thing on Monday 16th, but I have a photo and it's given me something to say, so why wait? The photo is the beginnings of my lunch for Monday. Basically it's pasta with some bits of beef, mushroom, onion, carrot and mixed salad leaves. There is a … Continue reading Motivational photo ….. 1st go

Almost there

   The title of this post refers to my attempt at making hummus. It all started, when Mrs H found a bag of dried chick peas, that we had in the cupboard. She was all set for throwing them out, and like a fool, I suggested that I make hummus. Sounded like a good idea … Continue reading Almost there

Conchiglioni fungi

   Serves 2 14 conchiglioni shells cooked al-denti 2 rashers of bacon finely diced 4oz mushrooms quartered 1/2 and onion finely diced 1 garlic clove, finely diced 1/2 pint of white sauce 1/2 teaspoon fresh English mustard 1 oz cheddar grated 1oz Jarlsberg cheese grated grated parmesan chopped parsley pinch paprika pepper oil salt and … Continue reading Conchiglioni fungi

Living dangerously

   Eldest finally got in touch at around 10 past 1. I’d tried texting and ringing him since about 11:30, with no answer. He sent a text to say he was catching the 05:00 bus, so I got him to call. Explained that the bus was 16:50, and only every hour so he had better … Continue reading Living dangerously

Saturday is nearly over…

   To be honest, I’m not really in the mood for writing tonight. It’s been a reasonably good day. Youngest was on respite today, and he seems to have enjoyed it. They had the fire alarm go off, in error, which apparently upset both the kids and the staff. L***** was not pleased about it … Continue reading Saturday is nearly over…

A good day….and a recipe

   Well, we did not think it would be. Youngest was in a very good mood last night, but was awake at 6:00am this morning, and we were expecting the worst. However, we have had no problems at all. It’s 10:30pm, and we are trying to get him to settle down. Fingers crossed !!    … Continue reading A good day….and a recipe

Cracking Tomato Sauce

Just thought I’d share this… Serves 3/4 Ingredients     1 medium onion - roughly chopped     1 large clove of garlic - roughly chopped     2 rashers of streaky bacon - roughly chopped     1 14oz tin of tomatoes     1 tablespoon of olive oil     1 tablespoon of fresh parsley chopped     1 tablespoon … Continue reading Cracking Tomato Sauce