Looking for your advice …

Right from the first day, I have always allowed people or organisations to follow me without hindrance. I always thought that the point of a blog was to maximise the number of readers and subscribers. That was until recently. I don’t always follow back and don’t always look at their site either. Earlier this week, I noticed that I had a follower that appeared to be offering blogging advice and tips. Always on the lookout to improve, I thought I would take a look at their site. Clicking on the link at the top of one of their posts, opened up my browser with a warning message that the site was unsafe. Being the over-cautious one that I am, I quickly closed it down. I then removed subscriber from my reader list and breathed a sigh of relief. I also noticed that a couple of subscribers no longer had a ‘clickable’ by their name/site name and I removed these also.

So, the advice I’m looking for is: should I enable the Blog by Email option on my site? Does it deter the casual reader? Is it worth it for the number of subscribers that I get? Is it actually any safer?


Test email post.

This is a short post, to re-test the ‘Post By Email’ feature. I seem to remember doing this before, and am not sure of the full procedure. Whilst writing this, I am studying the WordPress help pages for advice. Only problem at the moment, is that the works network is running slow !!! Oh and by the way, this email is from my Nokia E71 phone.

If this works, and there is no reason why it should not, then it means I can post anytime/anywhere, should the need arise.