New laptop part 2 ……

The new mouse arrived today. It seems to work ok. It is a bit smaller than the usual mouse, but it feels quite comfortable. I hope I don’t have the same problems with this mouse as I did with the last wireless mouse. Every so often it would just stop. The pointer would simply freeze … Continue reading New laptop part 2 ……

It’s hard work ….

   Back to the decorating today. Who would have thought, that a room 4ft by 4ft, would take so long to paint. I think the problem, lies with the previous paint. It’s green. Not just green, but what was called ‘antique green’. Now I don’t know what that means !!! What I do know, is … Continue reading It’s hard work ….

A successful day

   Today went pretty much as expected. I managed to get nine PDA’s installed and back into service. So I’m the hero of the day again. Then to top it all the remaining thirteen PDA’s came back from repair. I’ll put another seven into service tomorrow, which should mean more praise. If only I took … Continue reading A successful day

A busy day

   As I expected, it turned out to be quite a busy day. I got most of the work done, but there are still a few bits left over. I cannot seem to get any enthusiasm for the renewals. I’ve done about 75% of the work, but ………    I started the new book. It’s … Continue reading A busy day


Work, today went quite well really. Much better than expected. The ‘desk-mess’ I was dreading did not materialise. If fact, it was quite clear for a week off. It was as busy as I had thought, which was good. The trip to S**** was very quick. I texted around 11:00, to let him know I … Continue reading Survived

Tuesday all done and dusted….

Today started quite well (apart from the youngest being in a bad mood again) and it continues in that frame for the rest of the day. I had cakes to buy today. I spent about £9.00 I think, but I brought what was left home with me. They would have only been pinched by ‘persons … Continue reading Tuesday all done and dusted….

Giving up…….

I have given it my best shot, but it is just too long. I’m talking about Sharon Penman’s book ‘The Sunne in Splendour’. I don’t know whether it is the subject matter ie ‘The War of the Roses’, or whether it’s that I just don’t like the narrative. I have read two of her other … Continue reading Giving up…….