Not entirely stupid . . .

I sometimes think that manufacturers think that all their customers are stupid! It’s either that, or they are just pandering to the ones that are stupid.

I bought a pair of ‘cheap’ leather belts from a famous inexpensive clothing store in York. When I say ‘cheap’ I mean that they were not of the best quality leather, although they were actual leather. The two belts cost just over £5.00 for the pair and will probably last a year or so. I realise that if I spent a lot more, then they would last longer, or so they tell me. But for what I need, they will do the job just fine.

The issue I have is that both belts had a ‘wash care label’ stitched into the belt near the buckle. I thought it was funny enough to have one of those labels on a belt, but that was before I actually had the chance to read it. It was quite a small label, but a magnifying glass showed up the detail very well.

I just think it is quite ridiculous that have a label that explains, in 14 different languages that you must only clean with a wet cloth!

Here endeth today’s rant!

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