Testing time (again) . . .

I’ve just installed the Jetpack mobile app for WordPress. It seems to all intent and purpose to be not much different from the original WordPress app.

I only tend to use the mobile apps to read and approve comments, so using the app may be a little bit of a challenge. We shall see.

So this is a test on an iPad. I shall test with my android phone at a later date.

Only problem I can see immediately, is that there doesn’t appear to be any way of fully justifying text. That is a disappointment, but that may be a feature yet to come.

It’s really intuitive and I have yet to find and master all its current features, so there may be some way to go yet.

I don’t see this replacing my desktop application, more of another string to my bow.


So the original post was written on my iPad and then edited using Jetpack on my Android phone. Seems to work okay.

6 thoughts on “Testing time (again) . . .

  1. I changed over two or three weeks ago. I swapped for convenience because the WP mobile App is about to be downsized considerably at the start of March -No Reader and No Notifications, and that’s the only reason I use a mobile App on my phone. I prefer to write using my computer.
    Occasionally, if I notice a mistake I will use my iPad to edit if the computer is switched off.

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  2. PS. The App works well to read and make comments. Not much difference really, but I assume the WP jetpack plugin was exactly the same one as this, so hardly surprising to find it works in the same way.

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    • Hello. It all seems to work quite well. The only downside I have found (at the moment) is that there seems to be no full justification. There is left, right and centre justify, but I prefer to use full justification.

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      • It’s exactly the same as using the Block Editor. There’s no justification method on there either.

        You’ll need to go online and use the old Classic editor on the dashboard to get full justification.

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      • Actually, there is full justification with the Block Editor if using the desktop version, but it is hidden. Once you start writing your post you will get an editor bar. There is a down arrow; if you click on it, you get another list of options. Fourth down is a Justify option.

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      • Haha, I have never noticed Justify before, despite using the menu bar all the time and having several attempts at finding a way to justify! 😂
        Thank you, Tony

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