Work and stuff . . .

I need another job. I’m having issues with one of the ‘the team‘ and have just found out that I cannot take some time off as the chef is off at the same time. I’m a kitchen porter! I wash up! I don’t really see how my taking time off can affect the chef. It seems it can. I am looking for another job, but I’m limited in the hours I can work or to be more accurate, the days I am able to work.

I have done this job for four years now and can say that I know it inside out and it bugs me when a new member of ‘the team‘ try to tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m not saying much more, but it could get …


I would be intrigued if anyone has a definitive answer to this one. When the access from the village to the motorway was changed, a cycleway/footpath was created along the side of the new access road. This cycleway/footpath is wide enough for both cyclists and pedestrians to use safely. So my question is, why do the majority of cyclists not use this facility? Is it some kind of protest against motorists? Or is it a case of ‘… it’s my road too …’? Either way, it can be dangerous for all.


Well, the blood test was fine and as expected my dosage of Rampiril has increased to 2.5mg a day. So I will jave another blood test in 2 weeks and we will see what happens then. I’m expecting it will increase again to 3.75mg, but who knows. I’m not sure it has any effect on my warfain, but my INR was too high again. That’s after six weeks of it being in range. It shouldn’t cause a problem, but knowing my luck these days.

I’m also having to monitor my blood pressure. I’m checking every couple of days, but from 19th of this month, I will have to do a check twice a day for four days and submit the results to the Dr’s. Then the following week I will get my flu jab followed a week later with the Covid booster. It’s all go!

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      • I have done a search before on how to backtrack to Windows 10. I can’t think where that was.

        Too late now without doing a factory reset so I’m stuck with Windows 11. I should have reverted straight away instead of spending months moaning about it!


      • Just looked at the Ask Woody site. No I’ve not seen it before.

        I was on Youtube this morning trying to find out how to change the batteries on my Logitech iPad keyboard. I couldn’t find the very well-hidden slot! All done now

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  1. Ohhh, cyclists and cars and pedestrians … that’s a neverending topic here as well. (Along with “why are pedestrians blocking our lanes” (they don’t. It’s a shared pathway), “Why can’t cyclists ring their bell to announce they are behind you instead of going WHOOSH” (don’t have an answer to this one) … it’s a never-ending story.
    I know I am biased, but maybe the local library is searchin for someone helping out a few days a week (or one or two?). I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the job hunt for you, work can suck so bad when you don’t get along on the team (especially if the team is really small).

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