Going backwards ? ? ?

I don’t like the Gutenberg Block editor. I feel constrained when adding images by the way I am forced to let the image sit at the top of the block. It’s either left-aligned or right-aligned, but always at the top of the block. It used to be the case that an image could be placed anywhere in the paragraph and the text would wrap around that image. This was most useful, especially if you are writing a longer paragraph and feel the need to add an image halfway down the text. The top of a text paragraph is not always the most appropriate position for an image. Here you can see that the image appears to be embedded within the paragraph, and you can see that it is relevant to the text.

I have tried a number of 3rd party editors much to the disgust of the WordPress mafia, team. who appear to think that the block editor is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Open Live Writer, which was an open-source replacement for Windows Live Writer, was my favourite, but that has not been actively developed for over 5 years. Microsoft Word is good but I need to do a little bit of work to get the display of the post to look correct. However, there is an excellant tutorial on https://weeklyprompts.com/ website/blog (NB: I must re-read this again) along with many more helpful downloadable files.

So, I may have to go back to the Classic Editor, with which this post was written. Any suggestions to the WordPress team/support/forum is met with the classic “Thank  you for reaching out ...” (whoever coined that phrase needs help) followed a day or so later with “We are not currently looking to blah, blah, blah…

I recently tried a Windows app called Net Writer 2. From the information in the Microsoft Store this app “…Net Writer helps you write blogs. WordPress, Movable Type, Livejournal, Google Blogger and MetaWeblog based blogs are supported…”. To be honest, it not worth the time it takes to download. It looks clumsy and dated and has an interface that looks like it has been built by a seven year old.

3 thoughts on “Going backwards ? ? ?

  1. Tony, I have developed the most peculiar way of blogging. It’s a mix and match effort it and sounds like a long winded way of doing things but it really isn’t, in fact it hardly takes a minute longer and that I can spare.. A couple of extra clicks that’s all.

    I almost always work in advance. I begin with the MS blog post but no longer add my images. Publish as Draft and then I open in the Admin Classic, sometimes I edit and drag and drop. Next I upload the images in bulk but I don’t insert into the post. Then I close it and return later or maybe the following day.

    When I’m completely happy with the text I reopen in Gutenberg. I do this because the view of images in the tiled gallery gives a superior view. I still don’t think WP has ironed out all the bugs, but I can cope and it is gradually improving.
    Sometimes a single image opens in the wrong place (how odd) but the up and down arrow sends it to where I need it.

    Sometimes I use the media and text block, I like this one and I can place the image left or right and resize to suit me and can even add a title to the block.

    Gutenberg isn’t as inflexible as it once was, but it still has far to go, and I’m still not a fan. It’s the tiled gallery that I like.

    When I’m done I put it on the Schedule for the planned date.

    I also want to thank you, Tony for your kind comment about the How-To section. It’s due a few updates which hopefully I’ll get around to soon. Thank you, again. 🙂

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  2. PS. I forgot to ask if you’d tried the Media & Text block yet? It will give you the same effect of text wrapping as as we have in Classic editor, but you can give the Media & Text block a sub heading. I like it.


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