The last time . . .

Now I know that you do not “give to receive”. I know that it’s not a good thing to expect some return when you give something, but an acknowledgement should be the done thing! I’m talking about Christmas cards.

It’s always a bit of an effort for me when it comes to selecting and writing Christmas cards. My handwriting is not the best in the world and I always find it difficult to put a message that doesn’t sound a bit ‘cheesy’. I usually put something like “Best wishes for a great Xmas and a great New Year” which is about as ‘cheesy’ as it comes. But I had a go and took time to write carefully and select appropriate cards.

But to return to the point. Out of the 15 cards I gave to work colleagues, only 2 replied with a card. Another one, I wasn’t expecting to reply as I won’t see them again until the new year. That leaves 12 that couldn’t even bother to respond. Not even with that old cliche ‘We are not giving cards this year … blah blah blah … donating to charity…’ So this year is the last time of giving cards. Maybe.


On another subject!

I’m considering changing the theme to this blog. No idea what I will choose if, in fact, I do so. I just fancy a change. This will be the fourth change of theme since I started. My current theme is Independent Publisher 2 and the previous ones have been 2015 and 2016. But this is yet another maybe.

3 thoughts on “The last time . . .

  1. I received 2 back but I’ve been off since 13th October after my heart attack so was only in for a few hours to lunch with them all. I’ve not bothered sending the plethora of cards I normally send as I just don’t feel like doing it and spent my time in cardiac rehab as this year that seems more important.


  2. Giving to charity instead of cards to each other was suggested at work by our headteacher some years ago, most of us thought it was a good idea and this is what we did at work. We each of added to that year’s school charity collection.

    I didn’t do it out of work until a couple of years ago when announced I would give to charity instead, but I have sent a handful to dear friends far away. And if I have an e-mail address I send online cards too.

    I don’t see the point of giving cards to people I see all the time, I can say Merry Christmas to them in person and have a conversation about what they will be doing this year.

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