It’s been a few days . . .

After the last ‘rant’ I thought I would leave this alone for a few days to calm down a little.

So, work was a little easier this week. The main chef was off, so the owner stepped in for the full week. He usually only cooks on Friday and Saturday, with the main chef (I shall call him “A”) doing Monday to Thursday. ‘A’, is a bit of a perfectionist, who doesn’t take kindly to being, as he calls it “messed around.” What he seems to hate is people who will take a look at the menu and then ask for something that is not on it, usually with the phrase ‘… if that is possible?’ Or ask for something that is on the menu, but would like it cooked a little differently. We had one customer, that asked for a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich) off the menu but they wanted it without the tomato! And when the checks mount up he gets even more stressed and we all feel the pain.

The owner on the other hand (call him ‘P’) is more laid back. He seems to have the attitude that says “… if you want it cooked fresh, then you have to wait!” This makes for a happier day. The volume of work stays the same but feels easier.


On Thursday, we forgo our usual trip to Wetherby for a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. For those that are unaware, this is the leading international centre for modern and contemporary sculpture, set within the 500-acre, 18th-century Bretton Hall estate in West Yorkshire. It houses within the grounds, many sculptures from renowned artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Damien Hirst. I’m not a fan of the latter as I just don’t like his work. It was a good day, and the weather was not too hot. I managed to get a few photos.

The “Random Cow” was not a sculpture. We think that the gate to the nearest field may have been left open and it just wandered in. It wasn’t harming anyone but was just a funny thing to see.


This weekend sees the return of the Leeds Festival to Bramham Park. It runs in conjunction with the Reading Festival and has been coming to Bramham for more than ten years now. The main issue with it is the disruption to traffic. Some roads are closed and those that are open are very busy and slow on the few days before the Festival opens and the day it closes. On Friday I drove back from Wetherby to home, in the village, and it took me nearly 40 minutes for a 4½ mile journey. Although we know this will happen, it does get a little frustrating. This road is usually a 50mph road, but for the duration, the limit is reduced to 30mph. However, this does not seem to apply to a number of drivers, who think they can just ignore the limit. The police were out in large numbers, but they never seem to catch these idiots.


Some of you may (or may not) notice a slight change to the blog theme.

I am now using the Independent Publisher 2 theme. Prior to this week, I was using the original Independent Publisher theme, which I understand has been withdrawn. This does look a little different in some ways, the header image is larger and the widgets have moved to the right hand side, but I’m quite happy with it (for the present)

6 thoughts on “It’s been a few days . . .

  1. I’m so glad that work is busy, but manageable (your chef needs to cool down a little bit 😉 If the BLT is a BL, that is LESS work, didn’t anyone tell him? 😉 ).
    Thank you so much for the photographs, especially of the little cow! It’s so cute … Did you visit the reading festival or the Leeds Festival, too, or did you decide to ditch the crowds?

    (I’m really happy to know that you are fine, honestly. I just saw another article about food shortage yesterday (in the supermarkets) and started to get worried).

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    • I went to the festival back in 2010 and 2011. Ended up in a mosh-pit in 2010. Absolutley terrified, but would do it again in a heartbeat.

      Some of the more extreme food shortage pictures are not what they seem. ATM there is is more than enough. It’s just that the media like to, shall we say ‘exaggerate’ a little. One wouldn’t want to accuse the news systems of lying!

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  2. It’s some time since I went to the Sculpture park.
    I know what you mean about the inconvenience of closed roads and traffic at a standstill. I always wish these things would take place elsewhere.

    Then there’s the wretched cycle races, as soon as they’re over everyone and his brother suddenly needs to take to the roads on a bike and riding in pairs as they always seem to, makes it very difficult to overtake.

    Oh, I’m grumpy today, just like the chef! I always ask for BLT without the T! 😀

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