Did you see the game ?

That’s the question that should be on everybody’s lips tomorrow. However, I think the question will be “What did you think of the game?” There is this belief that every English person will be either glued to their TV sets, or in the pub, or at an outdoor venue. If you say something like “I’m not really bothered about football, then you are somewhat ostracised and made to feel odd. Many millions of people will watch the football today and so they should if they so want. It will on the TV here, but like the last two England games, I won’t be really taking much notice.

The thing is, I only tend to like the sports that I can do and have played. So things like cricket and squash, even though I was never very good are up there on my ‘favorite’ list. Darts and snooker were ‘sports’ I was okay at, together with cross-country running. The problem was (and still is sometimes) my height. At 5′ 4″ (1.62 metres) I was never going to good at the type of sports, I was expected to play at school, and so never developed a liking for.

But I hope England does well, and I sincerely hope that this is not another ‘super-spreader’ event.


5 thoughts on “Did you see the game ?

  1. I was very interested in the game, but not that one, the space race game. I’m not a football person either, give me rugby any day. Don’t tell anyone but I’m sitting here watching Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy and drinking Italian beer.

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  2. If I hear the phrase football’s coming home must one more time I will scream. The arrogance of football fans, and just imagine how stupid they will feel after chanting it for weeks if England loses!

    Baddiel and Skinner have a lot to answer for!

    At the time I write this I understand the game is in extra time. I hope England wins, I really do.

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  3. We did watch the game, and while I certainly feel kinda sad for the British team, I have to say that the FANS (some of them) surely didn’t deserve the Cup at all. There has been too much un-sportmanlike sh*t going on, from booing during the other team’s national hymn (I’m not big on this, honestly, but WTAF is wrong with people.) to trying to blind(!) the Danish goalkeeper with a frigging laser pointer (I really hope they will get that person, this stuff is no joke) and … man.
    The team has been doing a good job though, honestly, and I just hope that the same “fans” who behaved like animals will leave them well alone and not start to harass the players, especially those who failed their goals.

    (I am kind of looking forward to Olympia, but the world cup next yeah? HAHAHAH no way I’m gonna watch that)

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    • This is English football. The England team have this uncanny ability to dissapoint. They have been doing it since 1966 and it’s what we have come to expect and the manager/coach has to hang his head in shame at picking two players that had only been on the park for 3 minutes!

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