2021 part two . . .

Well, here we go with the second part of the year, and I expect that there will not be much of a difference from the first half. It’s highly likely that our indecisive and inglorious ‘leader’ will change track again. This will lead to more and more people ignoring the current Covid rules and quoting the actions of the last Health Secretary as their reason. Covid cases are rising again and although the vaccine seems to be preventing the worst, hospitalisations are beginning to slowly creep up. You only have to look at the crowds at the England v Germany football match to see what will happen over the next few weeks. Daily reported cases in the UK were (at 02/07/2021) nearly 23,000 which is double the number for the same time last week. Even though the number of related deaths is extremely low, it is a worrying trend.


It was hair-cut time again. Well it was haircut time about two weeks ago, but it is trying to fit it in when the barbers is not busy. Wetherby was quite busy today, but the barbers had nobody waiting so it was a quick trim and I was out. It was all the result of my son and granddaughter not coming to visit that led to me having a bit of a free day. I’m saying ‘free’, I still was able to squeeze a couple of jobs in.

We have a print that K*** wanted fixing to the garden fence, to brighten it up a little. So a few weeks ago, I fitted to the fence, and it looked really good. Then it rained a little and K*** noticed that some of the colours had started to run. It needed some protection. Only thing I could think was to give it a coat of external varnish. Of course I didn’t have any, but I noticed a special offer on ebay that had tins of Yacht Varnish spray at a reasonable price. If it’s for yachts I surmised, it must be waterproof. So masked and goggled I gave it a couple of sprays. It will need one more spray tomorrow, but I can do that when is screwed back to the fence.

3 thoughts on “2021 part two . . .

  1. I thank God that I am not leading this or any other country through this pandemic. No one can do right for doing wrong.

    I neither agree nor disagree with the decisions made by our government to date. but if it was me I would have made some of them a little earlier.

    As for Matt Hancock. half the country has broken the same social distancing rules, so for that. I couldn’t care less.
    The main issue is the moral issue and his disregard for the feelings of his wife and children, but that has nothing whatsever to do with us!

    I’m pretty certain that’s why he resigned – he could have sat it out, and lets face it, only the press care about the social distancing – everyone else expects MPs to break the rules whatever party they belong to, it’s what they do!

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  2. That doesn’t sound good for real, and you are absolutely right, I can only imagine how many bags of money it needs to sleep at night knowing that so many people got infected because of your decisions to pack the football stadiums! (Then again, the UEFA can …. GO HOME for real anyway the last decisions were utterly vile and ridiculous). Are you watching the matches seriously or just on the side?
    The picture looks great, and I think it’s such a cool thing to put on your gardening fence! Fingers are crossed that the last coat of varnish will work (I guess building a little shelter or something wouldn’t look good right?)!


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