The end of the world (again). . .

There is much disquiet in the village this weekend. People are baying for blood. They want direct action. It’s disgraceful. It’s shocking. Heads must roll. What is it all about? Has a major drug baron been moved into the area? Worse than that. Has a paedophile ring been discovered? Much worse than that. Maybe it’s people traffickers? Noooo … far worse than that. So what is it, you ask?


It’s as if the whole world has come to the edge of a precipice. Nothing else appears to matter. The economy, the virus, climate change, international wars, plastic pollution, environmental crisis all seem to have taken a back seat. No, the only thing that really matters is that a household waste bin has not been emptied on the correct day. Talk about priorities.

Rant over !

4 thoughts on “The end of the world (again). . .

  1. As someone who has heard her own father rant about cyclists, the way people stuff paper and cardboard into the cardboard recycling containers without tearing down boxes and how he had yet to send ANOTHER EMAIL to the renting company because THE LAWN HASN’T BEEN MOWN …. I feel you. On the other hand – yo, congrats that there is nothing more dire going on, right? 😉


  2. It’s the small mindedness of these people that have no respect for hard working ‘lower classes’ that really annoys me. But don’t get me started on cyclists 😂


  3. Oh I know exactly what you mean, I think villages like ours are full of such people.

    And then there’s me. “We’ve missed the bin men, but they always come at ten o’clock, why did they change their routine and come at half past nine?
    Note to self… Put the rubbish out the night before!

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  4. Good job they don’t live in our village as the bin men never put the bins back and generally block pavements and that is when they do come. We have about half the year of collection day being missed and finally collected a few days later. It is something we learned to live with a long time ago. So much so when the bin lorry has been most of us go out and bring the bins in for ourselves and the neighbours too. During lockdown that was when most of the neighbours actually saw and chatted with each other. So it had a silver lining. Lol

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