Neglected . . .

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That’s my blog, not me. It’s been over a week since my last post, but there has not been much to write about. I renewed my Photocard Driving License, K*** got her 2nd jab and the eldest got the date for his 1st jab. We did actually go out for lunch again. We had been for a pizza at Ask Italian, a local restaurant, after the flower show the week before. That was an interesting part of the day but I did enjoy it. I was, and still am quite wary of being indoors at a restaurant, so when it was mentioned to go to Bar3 in Wetherby for lunch, all the irrational fears resurfaced again. I need not have worried though as everything was well managed and was as safe as possible.


We had the stairwell decorated at the beginning of the week. thankfully, I was working as I usually try and find fault with work(men) people. Ten years ago, I would have had no problems with doing it myself but K*** convinced me that I am too old to be hanging off ladders with various painting implements in my hand. In the end, I had to agree. I paid for it out of my lottery win, so you could say it didn’t cost anything!


Did a bit of gardening over the week. I refitted my greenhouse with it’s new cover and moved my ‘pallet plant holder’ to a different place. I made some years ago to use as a herb garden, but never really got around to doing anything serious with it. So I moved it to the other side of the garden and it now looks quite effective with the herb seeds I’ve been trying to grow. I have put some bird-netting over my strawberries, but I don’t think it will work too well. I’m not going to waste server space by showing a picture, but suffice to say it’s not a work of art. I have every intention of making cage from the left over lats from when the conservatory was reroofed. I’ve even measured up and drawn a plan. Just got to get my finger out and actually make the thing.


That’s about it. Next week will be a bit of a trial. Youngest is coming home to see the dentist. He will have to have a swab-test on Thursday and then his appointment is 8am on the following Friday. Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan. Because of his Autism, he would not cope with the procedure so he will have to have a general anaesthetic which is a worry. He knows he is going, and his lead carer will take him for the test and then bring him here, so there is a plan, just got to hope there are no hiccups.

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  1. I hope the dentist’s appointment went better than next time! How did he like his surprise trip, by the way? Did everything go fine? (I hope it did).
    And hey, at least you HAVE planted something! (I haven’t even scrubbed the balcony and let’s not talk about plants …. gaaah) 😉

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    • Hi. The dental appointment went as well as we could expect. Two extractions and five fillings. His face looked a mess when he came out, but he’s fine now. We are so proud of him 🌟. The surprise trip went really well. He loved every minute and was a good experiment for his team. They are already looking forward to the next trip. Loving your WIP’s. I could never attempt the type of shawl you are working on. They look amazing ❤️

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      • That’s fantastic, that the trip went so well!! I’m really happy that he had such a great time, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the next outing will be just as good.
        The dentist’s appointments seems to be super tough though … I think I would have asked for a whole dose as well. Man ….
        As for the WIPs – thank you. 😊 You could TOTALLY knit leventry, bythe way!! I peeked at your projects, and I mean, you have knit a baby sweater!! This is just stockinette, garter, and ribbing and a few double-centred decreases in the end. You could totally do that! It just gets bunched up if you are using 80cm circulars, that’s all. I hope to finish it this weeked!!


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