Feeling old . . .

Just look at this

It arrived this morning. I had been told that it could take up to three weeks before it was delivered. These days, they always seen to blame COVID-19 for anything taking a long time. I applied on the 27th, as I was in two minds as to whether I actually wanted a “Senior Citizens Bus Pass“. Everyone said I should get one, and most quantified their statements by saying things like ‘…look how long you’ve been paying…‘. Things like that didn’t help me come to terms with it. I was okay when I hit 65. That seemed like a mile-stone, but when you get to that time that you are now an official “Old Age Pensioner“, it feels a little different.

I don’t physically or mentally feel any older, it’s just the words “Old“, “Age” and “Pensioner” which are nothing on their own, but strung together, have a whole different sense to them. It is silly really, because when I left work, I was ‘Old’ enough to take my works ‘Pension’ and I didn’t feel any different then. Then there are the online forms to fill in that ask you your age group. You suddenly find yourself ticking the last box, the 66+ range. People say, “…it’s just a number…” and of course they are correct, it’s just a hell of a big number!

3 thoughts on “Feeling old . . .

  1. I still haven’t applied for my bus pass – my friends have asked why not so many times. My answer has always been the same, I don’t use buses!

    You could take a tour they answered, but there lies my problem the pass doesn’t cover North Yorkshire and that’s the only place I want to tour!

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    • I was looking this up and it seems that you can get free off-peak travel (09:30 to 23:00) throughout England, with just a few exceptions. Apparently there is a new Dales bus that runs Sundays and Bank Holidays that goes from Wetherby all the way to Buckden. Takes about 2.5 hours each way. The only time I tend to use the bus is when my car goes in for service at the Hyundai dealer in York. The garage will drop us off at the P&R and we have a day in York.

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