Not so straight forward . . .

I see puzzles like this all over the internet. It is basically Algebra and at first glance, many people will think the answer is 50. Then some people will believe that using the mathematical “… order of operations …” the answer is 14 or even 10

Quite simply (in my opinion) the answer cannot be found from the information given. Now here’s why:

  • We can determine from the first equation that the image value of the cookie is equal to 10.
  • From the second equation, we can give the image of 2 bananas a value of 2, as 14 minus the cookie value is equal to 4, hence the 2 banana image must equal 2
  • The clock image value must be equal to 3 because if you take the value of the 2 banana image (determined as equal to 2) from the total of 8, you are left with 6, therefore the image value for each clock must be equal to 3.

That is as far as we can go. We cannot safely assume that the image of the single banana is equal to 1 simply because there is only one banana. It could be any value. The same applies to the clock image (with the hands now pointing to 2) and the cookie image with the seven dots.

Therefore, in my opinion the answer cannot be found.

3 thoughts on “Not so straight forward . . .

  1. Haha, love this. I would use plain logic (mine that is) Each cookie contains currants so the value of each cookie is the amount of currants.

    Each banana is one piece of fruit. The clock is the tricky one because we have to determine which is the big hand and which is the little hand. By my reckoning this is why so many people have come up with the wrong answer – the answer lies with the hands of the clock and which is which!

    But on closer inspection, there doesn’t appear to be a small hand, just a wiggly grey line, so both hands of the clock could be together at one number, which makes finding the answer even trickier!

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    • I agree that by using a logical approach, you can find ‘an’ answer. But I look at this as pure algebra. If you replace each of the six images with a letter, then there is insufficient information to compute the final equation. It becomes D + E + E x F = ?

      Ooops, that sounds a bit pompous. I have so much fun with this

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      • There must be a simpler way/answer because one in seven people getting it right is actually quite high. And not many people use algebra


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