It ain’t going to work …

We have had a 20mph speed limit in the village for about a year now. Maybe a bit longer, but I would say that well over 80% of drivers take no notice at all. The problem is, and this is my opinion, there is no enforcement. None whatsoever. We have the main 20 mph zone signs as you enter the village together with smaller repeater signs, but that’s it basically. There is one of those ‘smiley’ face signs near the school, but that is mainly ignored by the majority.

A great deal of the time, these “speed merchants”, (and again, my opinion) are local people. People who know that they are not going to get caught. I was at the local bottle bank last week, when a van went past. The sign showed that he was travelling at 35mph. The lady who was walking past stated that “… they should not be allowed to enter ...”. I had to explain that the van and driver was from the village and in fact from the same road that I live on.

It was announced in the Parish Magazine, that the Parish Council was putting a bid to purchase a Mobile SID (Speed Indication Device) to raise speed awareness in areas of concern. I don’t think it will have any effect. If drivers already ignore the sign near the school, are they going to take any notice of any signs. Back to my opinion again, but the only thing that will stop this is proper enforcement. Signs at the entrance roads saying that mobile Speed Cameras are in use, together with a Police Office with a Speed Gun would be the better idea. Nothing gets a message home better than a fine.

However, the latest idea is to have a sticker on your refuse bin that tells drivers to slow down. A sticker! On a bin that is only put out one day a week. Really? Is that the best they can come up with?

4 thoughts on “It ain’t going to work …

  1. I think the limit changed here about four years ago. You might remember that.
    But no one takes any notice. It annoys me most when the cars speed up and down Breary Lane near the school.

    I have to admit that I get half way up Church Hill before I remember the limit has changed to 20. That said, I’m unlikely to have have reached 30 having just turned the corner.

    I also get annoyed when they speed up my lane which has been 30 for a number of years. Getting out of the driveway in the mornings is a nightmare when they come tearing around the bend.

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  2. So they … want to put stickers on a bin that is out once a week and which the drivers won’t be able to read anyway because they are driving to fast? sure, sure!!

    (No offense, but the only way to do is to get the police involved and put up speeding tickets. Money for the community, but that will cause a lot of bad blood, too, of course.)

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