A warning … maybe

I just had a new follower this morning:  “http://utraker.com/ZWvom”. As usual, I quickly went to the site to check out their content. However, the hyperlink redirects you to another site named:  “http://utraker.com/ZWvom”. Very odd I thought, but where the danger is, that my laptop showed this message:-Warning

An Anti-virus and Malware check is now running!

2 thoughts on “A warning … maybe

  1. My sympathy Tony – why anyone would do this is beyond me. I keep an eye on new followers too and stop them following if they are suspicious or have an agenda. The trouble is that they can re-follow. I have (had) one group of three sites who follow one after another, so presumably are the same person. They must have re-followed me more than twenty times but I am as persistent as they are. You have made me realise I haven’t seen them for a while. Perhaps they have got the message!

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    • I have had this one once before, but I didn’t get the warning that time. The worst one was a site called “http://www.momoneyclues.com/” they just wouldn’t stop refollowing. Not seen them for a bit though. Hope you and your’s are all well


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