Now I remember …

In an update to my last post, I remember why I stopped using Open Live Writer. It’s to do with images. For some reason, when the post is published in draft or final, the images in the post are added to the Media Library and duplicated. If you then amend the post for example to change the image size, the images get added again. So, you could end up, depending on the number of amendments with numerous images taking up valuable space. Deleting just one of the duplicated images results in the image not showing in the post. The image snapped from the Windows Store at the beginning of that post is duplicated eight times as I had to adjust the size a couple of times. Back to Word for now

3 thoughts on “Now I remember …

  1. I remember you saying this a few months back.
    I’m getting on quite well with the Word template. I really like it. Have decided to stick with office 2010 for now. I had a look at my son’s office it’s 2016 and not all that different. I used a table last nighjt (on the template) to write a question and answer session and used two fonts and different sizes. i published this morning.. Looks okay.

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  2. That’s crazy. I have been feeling sorry for myself of late because when I add a picture to the library the colour alters. It gets a touch colder and greyer. The colour looks pretty accurate in the editor, strangely, but when I preview it, it is duller again.

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