Another blog editor … don’t bother !

Still looking around for another blog editor and I came across this on the Windows Windows Store Blog EditorStore. Very disappointing to say the least. I shouldWindows Store Blog Editor screen have taken more notice of ‘5 star’ rating by only one reviewer. It installed without any issues and found my site at the first attempt You can see from the screen shot on the right, that there is a sizable advertising banner at the bottom of the screen, which is very distracting.

The interface seems old Windows Store Blog Editor settingsand dated with very few options available. A quick look at the settings page is basically an advertisement for the ‘pro’ version which at £19.99 for a one year licence or £34.99 for a lifetime licence seems a little expensive for what it does. There is also aWindows Store Blog Editor post monthly update licence at £4.99, which seems a little pointless.

The actual writing area has very few features and the biggest problem I noted was that there was no facility to word-wrap text around an image, which I think is basic at the very least. The editing controls are limited, although it does have a full justification option .

Windows Store Blog Editor post controls1

Windows Store Blog Editor post controls2

Windows Store Blog Editor post controls 3

So after this post “Net Writer 2” will be consigned to the ‘Recycle Bin’.


olwJust to be  awkward, this post was written with my old friend, Open Live Writer. I had completely forgotten it was still installed, so I thought I would give it another go. It still works quite well, and I’ll have to look back and see why I stopped using it. It has not updated since 2012, but still looks a half decent editor.

4 thoughts on “Another blog editor … don’t bother !

  1. So, I’m assuming you’re not too keen the Microsoft one?

    My MS office is aging, it’s 2010, and is fine for all I need, Word, excel and creating PDFs etc, and it comes with Publisher and I use Publisher for making birthday cards but I’m wondering what a blogging template would look like with an upgraded Office but i think I’d lose publisher if i did that. Decisions, decisions!


    • I actually quite like the Word template really, but there are a few things that I don’t like. The Windows app is dire though, can’t believe how bad it was. I have the family edition of Office 365. It costs me £7.99 a month and I can have 5 other users. So eldest son and his partner get the full package, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Outlook, Power Point and something called Sway. Each also get 1tb of cloud storage. So it is really good value for us.

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  2. That’s interesting, as the text is reading as left-justified when it should full justified. You could be right, it may be the Reader that’s messing things up. But thanks for reading and letting me know 🙂


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