Bl**dy postal system … part 2 (and part 3)

Mrs H had ordered online, some bedding for the youngest. We had an email to say that it was on its way and gave us a tracking number. We gave it a couple of days, and on the 19th November, I set about trying to track where it was. It as easy to track, but the result was astonishing. The item had been delivered from the Canterbury Delivery Office. That is quite a distance to travel to deliver a parcel to a house in Yorkshire. A quick message to the seller and within an hour or so, we had a reply with the promise of an investigation and replacement. The replacement arrived two days later. Job done!

Fast forward to 26th November and another missing parcel. This time the tracking showed that it was delivered on the 23rd and signed for. I know for a fact that there was no delivery that day, as I was in all day. So we are now going through the process of discovering where the parcel has gone to. The local delivery office has identified that the parcel was delivered to ‘someone’ on our street, but cannot see the actual location. They have promised to investigate further and ring us back on Monday. To be honest, I cannot see us getting anywhere with this and may end up putting a claim against the Royal Mail. Meanwhile, we also in contact with the seller, who is not being as helpful as the earlier seller. All very annoying.

3 thoughts on “Bl**dy postal system … part 2 (and part 3)

  1. I hope you find your parcel.
    I recently ordered two tops (blouse) online from what looked like a UK site. They arrived a week later, both looked nothing like the ones that were ordered, were the wrong size and poor quality. I contacted the online shop via e-mail and was told I could return the items but would be expected to pay the shipping fee and a customs charge! To China! Then I was offered 15% in compensation instead.
    I’m writing up this one to experience and will send both to the charity shop.

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      • That is a problem. Last Christmas a neighbour arrived with a parcel for us that had been thrown over the wall into his garden. We assumed the delivery driver had given up on trying to find us.


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