This is made with Microsoft Word

I am still looking to find a better way to write a post, without using the WordPress Block Editor. I have given up on using Open Live Writer which was billed as the direct Open Source replacement for Windows Live Writer. There has been no work improvement on the software and recently has stopped working with Google Blogger. I don’t use Blogger much, but it was good to have an alternative.

I decided to have a go with Microsoft Word. I’ve wanting to try for a while, but it seems from what I have heard, that it is not a good place to blog. I have to agree with some points, that it is not the easiest of editors to get used to. For one, there is no way to add tags to a post. I scoured the internet for an answer and the only thing I could come up with is to post as a draft, then edit in WordPress to add tags. So that is what I have tried here and have discovered that it is quite feasible to this, although it does take more time and the post ends up being edited as a Classic Block! Now is that good news? And will WordPress keep the Classic Block in the future?


Another thing that I have found with the Block Editor which annoys me, is the placement of images. In the old Classic Editor, I could place an image into a text paragraph at more or less the position (left or right-aligned) anywhere in that paragraph using the word-wrap feature to wrap the text around that image. Which meant that the image could be, for example, two lines down from the top of the paragraph and two lines up from the bottom of that same paragraph. This does not happen in the Block Editor. The image can be left or right-aligned, but word-wrap into the text, you have to ‘move’ the image up which puts it at the top of the paragraph. There is simply no dynamic positioning.

Update: After viewing this post both on a tablet and a smartphone I have found that the Word formatting only applies if the post is viewed on a computer/laptop. So maybe not such a good option after all.

14 thoughts on “This is made with Microsoft Word

  1. The block editor was not created for writers it has no flexibility. Try the online WP Admin Classic. It’s the oldest of the Classic Editors but far superior to the rest.

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    1. Ah, from what I understand, that is a WP plugin. I’m only on a Personal Plan which doesn’t allow me to use plugins. I would need a Premium or Business Plan to use any plugin. But thanks for the idea.

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      1. No, it’s always been there, for free and subscription sites like us. It’s the self-hosted sites that have it as a plug in.

        Click on WP Admin- Posts – All Posts Do not Click New otherwise it will open in Blocks. On second thoughts it will be quicker for you to look at my instructions, Choosing the WP Admin Classic.

        I know you, are perfectly IT capable but we want to avoid blocks. Try it on your PC before using the iPad. Let me know how you get on with it.

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    1. Hi Sue. That editor you suggested works great. Only downside is that there is no full justification for the text, just left, centre and right alignment. I think I can live with that. I wonder how long it will be available for. Thanks

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      1. Control and J for justify. Check the little question mark for keyboard short cuts. I hope it stays too.
        Not sure what the equivalent of control is on the iPad. I’m so glad you like it. It’s the best on offer for now.


      2. You and me both, it was only out of curiosity that I found shortcuts on the Classic when I was finding my way around it! I prefer this one now, and it’s only just a couple of extra clicks just seconds to get to it.

        You are very welcome Tony. 🙂


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