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It’s not been the best of starts technology wise, today. I got and realised that my new iPad had not been on charge overnight. That in itself was not too much of an issue, as this new tablet seems to hold its charge very well. No, the problem I had was that the screen had frozen. Not only that but I could do nothing with it. All the ‘help’ sites told me to power off the iPad, but the power switch did nothing. So it wasn’t just the screen that had frozen, but the entire tablet just did nothing. You may be able to imagine the string of expletives that were forthcoming.

Nothing that I tried worked. I had a vague recollection that you could connect an iPad to iTunes on a laptop and ‘do something’ but couldn’t remember what, so I gave it a go. I was still at the time searching online for any sort of help and I came across a site that explained that whilst connected to iTunes, if I held the power button down and tapped the home button, this would refresh the screen. It was a work around for older tablets, but I had nothing to lose. Remarkably, it worked! I was ‘back in the room’ I think the phrase is.


Then came ‘tech-prob’ number two.

Mrs Me wanted some cleaner for her contact lens’s. I checked on eBay and there was going to be £10.99 plus £6.00 postage, which made it more expensive then going the opticians and buying it. Now I rarely use Amazon as I often think their prices are a bit on the high side, but I checked and they had the product, and it was selling at £13.90 postage free. So, I ordered some. Then I got an email saying that my payment had been declined. I thought I had set up a PayPal payment option, but it seems payments are direct from my debit card, which had just been updated/renewed, so the expiry date was incorrect.


So all in all, not a good start.

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  1. Mine freezes occasionally and my way is to hold the home button and power button down simultaneously for around four seconds.
    This iPad is about two years old – in the six years I had my other iPad I never once had this problem.

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    • Ah, when I did that it took a screen shot. The way I did it was to hold the power button and just tap the home button. It only worked when I was connected to iTunes on my laptop .

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      • I think that’s a great idea I must remember that. Isn’t it strange how it was frozen and you couldn’t do anything with it yet it managed to take a screenshot it’s got a mind of it’s own hasn’t it?

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      • Mine just go straight into photos. But if you open albums and scroll down to the written list you’ll find screenshots.

        The Print screen on my PC no longer seems to work. So one of the WP engineers gave me a link to a fabulous free App – Monosnap, it captures full screen or part of screen and allows arrows and annotation. And offers a chance to save to a file of own choosing.

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      • Thanks for that. Never thought to look there. On my laptop, there is an app called Snip & Sketch which is a replacement for the old Snipping Tool that shipped with Windows 95. It is what I use to capture images for my posts.


      • I can’t remember that one in 95, I can remember my black screen DOS! I think I struggled to use the mouse in Windows 95 I was too used to arrows! Was 95 the first Windows?


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