A bit of fun … bad me

I’ve been having a bit of fun with the neighbours. Leeds has produced an app for the smartphone that tells you which waste bin to put out and when. It’s free and can be used on the iPhone or and Android phone. There is even an app for the PC. The take up of this app has only been about 15%, which considering the work and the usefulness of it is a shame. What happens in this street, is that most people will not put out their bin, until I do. They see which bin I put out then follow suit.

Now, this is where the fun comes in. The bin has to be at the roadside by 07:00am. Often, well occasionally I will put the wrong bin out on purpose. For example, I’ll put the recycling bin out on the evening before the general waste bin is due to be emptied. Then the next day, before 07:00am, I will swap the bins over and put the correct one out. Then I sit and wait and watch the reactions.

I know it’s bad of me, but we are all responsible for our own rubbish, so it’s up to us to know which bin and when.

I suspect I’ll get my comeuppance the day I forget to swap the bins over.

6 thoughts on “A bit of fun … bad me

  1. Yes, you are bad!
    One Christmas I looked online to check which day the bins would be emptied and noticed that for the month ahead they had the collection of black and green bins the wrong way around. Let’s hope they are correct with the App. That said, I like the idea so might try it.


    • That shouldn’t happen anymore. Up until as late as September last year, the data fro the app and the website came from 2 different sources. The app pulls it’s data from its own dedicated database, which is updated every 6 weeks by the Waste team. The web page data came from an annual calendar, monitored by the Web Services team. Both are now working from the same database.

      The app worked well when I was part of the team that tested it and has had quite a few improvements since it went live in 2017.

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