Being a bit crafty …

I’ve posted about this before, but I’m a knitter. I would say I am an average to intermediate knitter. I’ve tried other crafts, but card-making and scrap-booking (whatever that actually is) does nothing for me. I have tried embroidery, and I do enjoy it, but I can never find any embroidery that I want to do.

I’ve been knitting since I was about 7 years old. I can still remember (unbelievably) how I started. I had been playing with my grandfathers old toy cars, which were very old and was watching my maternal grandmother (do people still say that?) knitting a scarf. I was quite fascinated how these two sticks and some wool could make a scarf and I asked to show me. She cast on ten stitches and showed me how to do the knit stitch. I was hooked! Later, my mother showed me the purl stitch, cast on, cast off and a couple of other basic stitches, and I took it from there

Step Shawl

I’ve two knitting projects on the go at the moment. One is a step shawl that I started beginning of last year and I’m still on with it. It should be in DK on 5mm needles, but I’m using 4 ply on 4mm needles, so it’s taking a lot longer. The other is a headband. This time in DK on the correct needles. I do enjoy knitting headbands and have done quite a few with Arran yarn using a cable stitch.

I do get a few odd looks when I say that I’m a knitter, and I’m looking forward the looks when I mention that I’m learning to Crochet.

This post is in response to and Mid-week challenge

3 thoughts on “Being a bit crafty …

  1. Tony, I just knew you’d do this challenge and I’m so glad you have,

    Yes, we do still say maternal and paternal, at least I do.
    You are definitely NOT a basic knitter, and you’re so much better than I could ever be.
    I managed a type of cable on the knitting machine but I could never get the hang of it when hand knitting, two needles are enough for me!

    My late husband’s mother taught him how to knit, and as a child he made scarves, but all he ever created as an adult were umpteen pompoms for the hats I made for the children. He could sew too and had plenty of other home hobbies so I doubt he had the time for knitting.
    Thank you for doing the challenge, and I hope you show us some completed projects in a future post.


  2. I admit that over 30 years ago, when I was facing a stressful time, I knitted a scarf. I found the process so relaxing. I knitted the scarf and just kept on knitting until I couldn’t keep it in the house anymore. It was huge. Eventually, as my daughters were small, we unravelled the lot back into separate balls of wool and donated them all to the local charity shops.


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