And so it begins again …

Of course, I cannot let an opportunity to have a gripe be put off by it being the start of a new year/decade. So I’m talking trouser waistbands today. What happens with the measurements there? But I’ll start at the beginning. I’ve been invited to a family wedding and as Tailorsuch need appropriate clothing for both the wedding and the evening reception. Mrs H says I need a suit and I suppose that it would be the ideal item to wear for the occasion. I have not worn a formal suit since my retirement from the local Council in 2016, so my three work suits are hanging up in the wardrobe waiting to come back into fashion. All three are winter suits and will be good for this time of year.

Now I come to the crux of the matter! I’m not the size I was when I last wore them. Let’s face it, I’ve put on a bit of weight over the past five years and my waist has bore the brunt of it. MeasureHowever, two of the suits still fit on the waist, although just a little tighter than I would like them to be. The third will simply not meet and it seems to be a couple of inches tighter. The strangest thing, is that all three have the same waist size of 34”. Now I have another suit of a more summery material. This too has a 34” waist (apparently) and the trousers for this one goes nowhere near meeting and seems to be more of a 30” waist than a 34”.

So I am completely baffled as to how these trousers can claim to have the same waist size, but be completely different. What is even more baffling, is that they were bought from the same store!


4 thoughts on “And so it begins again …

  1. Even odder is that they all fitted, so maybe you have been a 30″ waist at that time, space-time dimension like conditions apply lol. I am lucky, I am 32″ waist and have been for about 20 years and never changed, however, I find that the jeans at Tesco are very forgiving as they are now stretchy denim, so winner! I have not worn a suit for 5 years now after being an agricultural consultant, but they all still fit, a little snug about the belly, hence my challenge, and one you are now part of.

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    • The thing is that all pairs are sized as 34″. I remeasured the summer suit, and although marked as 34″ waist, it actually measures 30″. As for getting into a 30″ pair, when I was 18(ish) I could easily get into a 28″ waist. It’s an age thing lol.

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