Scary times …

That has to be the scariest 30 seconds for years.

K**h has a Mini Cooper Countryman car. She has had it since 2016 and loves it. Last week, CarSaturday to be precise I noticed a chip and a crack in the windscreen. It was very low down on the driver side and it was only by accident that I saw it. She phoned the Insurance explained and they said the price taking into account the excess and arranged for the replacement to be done today. She is at my son and his partners house today and left me in charge for when A**ogl**s turn up.. He arrived just before 11:00 and the first thing he told me was that the car needed to be turned around.


The problem is … I have never driven this car … ever. I tried when she got it, but I was not comfortable and found it very i10 Classisdifficult to actually see where I was driving. As a result, I simply haven’t attempted to drive it. So when the engineer said I had to turn it around, I nearly died. My car is a small Hyundai i10 which I have no issue with at all, but these days driving anything else scares me. But … I did it … I managed to reverse it out of the drive, drive it into the small parking area and then reverse park it. All in all it was about 20 yards in total but it was the scariest 20 yards/30 seconds in years.

So am I more confident in driving the Mini? Possibly. Will I drive it again? Maybe. Did I enjoy driving it? No.

6 thoughts on “Scary times …

  1. Driving a car you’re not used to is scary! I learned to drive & passed my test late in life. My first car was a Corsa, that was a few years old, but I loved it. Trev drove a Punto. I needed to drive it once, only a short journey, when he was in bed after being on night shifts. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, and then it was awful to drive, I really disliked it & vowed never to drive it again..I didn’t!

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  2. I began driving in my teens and I’ve lost count of the cars I’ve driven over the years but I never had problems with any model. The biggest problem I have now when moving someone’s car is starting them, whatever happened to a straight forward key start?
    I am fortunate that we have out buildings for storage so have always kept my cars in the garage.These days I drive an automatic 4X4, The previous one was an MPV and a little bigger than the one I have now. When arriving home with my 4X4 my biggest problem was driving it into the garage I could not gauge the width and needed several attempts. It was so weird seeing as the 4 X4 wasn’t as wide as my other. This went on for a couple of weeks until I eventually became used to it.

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    • It’s just this car that I have trouble with. I’ve driven a Volvo 440, a couple of Renault MPVs, various vans and I once had to drive to Birmingham in an automatic Ford Granada and that was an experience.

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      • Five years on and I still find myself driving around the supermarket car park looking for a wide space but never had problems with the wider MPV. Odd how just one car can give us problems.

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