Weekly Prompts … Humo(u)r

In my early years as a cook, in a large hospital, I soon found that humour was to be a big part of my life. I am not tall being only 5’ 4”, and this often led to colleagues “taking the proverbial” at every conceivable occasion. At first it was a little annoying, as I did not see myself, at the time as being particularly comedic. I used to get quite angry when I was the butt of a joke, but thankfully it did change and I began to take myself less seriously. This led me to realise that I could be quite funny which increased my popularity somewhat.


When it comes to things like television, I much prefer to watch programmes that have at least some humourous elements. I’m not a fan of the current trend for reality shows which apparently do have some humour in them. I always thought that a ‘reality show’ was to reflect real life. Apparently not. They are simply there to make people, celebrity or otherwise look a little stupid. To that extent, they seem to work, but not for me.

At which point this seems to taking the direction of a rant, so I’ll end it here with this:

“It has been the Bramham Horse Trials this week. I don’t know why they bother ! they never find any horse guilty.”

13 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts … Humo(u)r

  1. Well Tony you are certainly taller than me!
    Oh, I totally agree with you. Reality Shows make me cringe and even more so if they are ‘British’, why do these people not feel humiliated for taking part. I feel embarrassed for them. I don’t watch them but occasionally one my family will switch on and tune in!
    Oh and thank you so much for joining in our prompt! 🙂

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      • Tried out the Block Editor this afternoon. The Last time I tried this it was in the early stages before the official release. Back then it was really difficult to use, so was very pleased to find that all the faults have been ironed out and it’s now simple and straight forward to use. It helps that I’m used to working with the previous two editors so everything is already familiar.

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      • My main issue is with images. I’m so used to being able to embed an image anywhere within the text when I use OLW and it’s not easy to do in the editor.


      • I’ve done an about turn on the block editor. I’ve used it to put together a few darft posts but have come to the conclusion that although most of it is familar, the Classic Editor is easier to work with. I’m with you on the images, they’re difficult to place in the exact position and I couldn’t find an undo button either. So back to the Classic for me.


      • No it has a facility to post directly into WP as either draft or published. I usually post as draft then review and double check the spelling and grammar before finally publishing.

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      • Thank you Tony. I’ve now downloaded and I’m trying it out with Nan’s Farm. Not much point using it with Weekly Prompts I usually publish the basics.
        I couldn’t find the spell checker on block editor but I see this one has one. I’ll let you know how it goes and thank you for your help 🙂

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