Block Editor spell checking . . .

I wrote the ‘coincidence‘ post, as this one, using the new Block Editor. I’m determined to get the hang of it somehow. It became clear that the spell checker that was being used was using a US English dictionary when it tried to make me spell ‘theatre’ as ‘theater’. This is all well and good if you’re an American writer, but I wanted UK English . Try as I might, I could not find a setting that related to the spell checker. Both Bing and Google did not help, so I post a topic in the support forum and waited.

One of the more obscure Bing articles mentioned that WordPress uses the browser dictionary. But if I’m using the WordPress Windows Store app, surely that does not use the browser? I couldn’t find a language setting in the Opera browser, so I had a look at Internet Explorer 11 settings, which picks up it’s language from the Windows settings. It was there that I found it. The ‘Country or Region’ setting showed the UK, but the ‘Display Language’ setting was showing ‘English (United States)”. In order for me to use the ‘English (United Kingdom)’ setting, I had to download a language pack from Microsoft. Who decided that we are all American?

One thought on “Block Editor spell checking . . .

  1. Oh, Tony, this really is one of my pet peeves!
    So far I haven’t had problems with spelling the correct way, ie. British English. I say the correct way because our language was here first, quite some time before the emigrants moved in on the Indians, began eating with a fork and changed the spelling!

    Most American bloggers appear unaware that there is whole world out here and make no allowances that we may not understand what they are talking about.
    If I was talking about my mobile phone I would also include (cell phone). They assume they are conversing with fellow Americans but I have no idea what half of the abbrieviations refer to, how would I? Sorry, I’m going off on one yet again!

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