Trying the new editor …

I’m having a look at the new editor for my blog. I normally use Open Live Writer to compose my post and then post it as a draft post. This is so that I can see how it looks prior to publishing and correct any obvious typo’s.

So I’ve been looking around and still cannot see how to publish my post as draft. . It says it is saving as a draft post, but I know from the last time I tried it didn’t and published immediately. I’ve also looked and ‘Save as Pending’ but am not sure if that is correct either. I did manage to find out how to use Full Justify, but that option was hidden in the More Rich Text Controls drop down instead of being in the Text Alignment section of the block editor where I would normally expect it.

5 thoughts on “Trying the new editor …

  1. I tried the new editor but it was taking too long for me to get comfortable with it. So I reverted to Classic. I might practise again on another blog I have that I don’t use any more. There must be some benefits of using the new editor but I couldn’t see any.

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    • When I first tried it, I could not get my head around the idea/concept of “Blocks”. Not how I’m used to writing. Then someone told me to think of it as if it was the old way of printing newspapers using typesetting. then it made more sense.

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  2. I don’t like it either, but since I had some free time just now, I poked around. I couldn’t find justify for the longest time. I do not understand why it’s hidden so deep. It should be right there with all the other alignment options.

    As far as the preview is concerned, there is a Preview button right next to the blue Publish button. That way you can preview without publishing.

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    • I’m just about got used to it now, but not happy with how it handles images. The text and media block leaves a lot to be desired. Better on the Open Live Writer Windows app.

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