Some people just won’t take no …

I keep getting followed by a blogger/organisation or whatever that I’m not interested in. Each time they appear, I remove them. But like one of those rashes, they keep coming back. Itchy RashI have been removed from a couple of sites over the past few years and I take the view that “If they don’t want me to see their words, then I don’t want to see them”. It is as simple as that. I may try and follow again, but if rejected twice, then it’s their loss not mine. However, some just don’t get it. I’ve looked at the site and it appears to be some kind of American recruitment site. Now I accept, that after the farce that is Brexit is over we may need to look to other parts of the world, I don’t think I’ll need the kind of recruitment service this blog offers.

The next time they follow, I’m going going to ask them why. Why they are following a semi-retired Council worker from the UK

2 thoughts on “Some people just won’t take no …

  1. I think there ought to be a ration of blogs we can follow each day. Well, I correct that, we ought not to need to be rationed, but a ration would not affect most normal people and would deter people who mass follow bloggers in the hope of drawing attention. If people could only follow a maximum of say ten blogs per day they would be more discerning and more likely to read at least some posts of the people they follow.

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    • That sounds a good idea. What I would really like is to able to have a public blog and be able to block people or organisations that I don’t want.


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